Ask about getting a mad alchemist ladder through ascendance

i remember getting a mad alchemist ladder through ascendance but i just remember that . Can anyone check that i was wrong cause sometime my mind fools me … just want to ask cause i said to my friend that i got it from ascendance

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Your mind fooled you. Mad Alchemist’s Ladle is Exiled Mage exclusive.
Boss exclusive drops cannot be the outcome of a Rune of Ascendance.

Maybe you have confused it with Alchemist s Ladle? Alchemist's Ladle - Unique Rowan Wand - Wand - Last Epoch Item Database

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ok ty i just remember geting them both at one day so maybe i was mistaking about how i get them

my friend told me that i can ask tunk to double check it

I don’t know what you want to double check.
I guess it is never a bad idea to check multiple sources, both Dammitt’s and Tunks Websites will show you the same info I gave you.

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@Heavy is right, the those sites will confirm that what he said is the actual facts. The Alchemist’s Ladle can be obtained with the RoA but the Mad Alchemist’s Ladle can only be gotten by killing the Exiled Mage.


This is incorrect, he asked about if you can get a Mad Alchemist Ladder from a rune of ascendance not a Mad Alchemist’s Ladle. I believe the only place you can get the ladder from is Home Depot.

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