Ascended to Spellblade but Flame Reave is so weak

Hi guys,

I started off as Mage obviously and have been using Arc and mana strike as my main specialised skills.

I ascended to Spellblade and started using the first skill you unlock Flame Reave. However the damage it inflicts is so weak compared to my mana strike which is so much more powerful damage wise.

Im guessing this is probably because mana strike is at level 7 and Flame Reave is only at level 1 but surely a mastery class skill should clearly be an upgrade to the base class right?

I am using Flame Reave as my main skill and for me its really good, does good damage but yea I would say its because you got it on level 1. Get Fire damage, attack speed and other Pre and Suffixes which fit Flame Reave and it should do good damage.

Actually starting skills can be as good or even better than later level skills. Its mainly about how they scale with gear and your stats. Flame reave can be very strong late game especially as crit but its takes strong gear to scale it properly.

yeah really depends on your items and build. I had melee mage during alpha with a great unique two fire sword that with flame reave just one-two shot most things and just melted big mobs just gotta level up and play around with a bunch of stuff. element dmg for a certain type might also be required if one decent dmg just gotta check ur stats to see how much extra dmg ur doing with fire and alot of fire dmg on melee hit/spell hit helps a ton.

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i use flame reave but i do so with high spell damage wand and i sit at 58% attack speed with the nerfed fireball talent and the talent the makes flame reave bounce back to you ( which also procs a fireball) and the talent that give you 20% spell damage per melee hit in the last 4 seconds i can stack 740% spell damage on my build and blow up any thing at wave 350 i was still insta killing the large mob spawn in the mid 300’s waves with this build getting to any lvl wave i had time to get to felt very easy. just take sooo long i cant sit around and play for 6 hours straight…


you mean fire damage? flame reave isnt a spell and doesnt benefit from spell damage.

no i mean spell damage because im only using flame reave to cheat how powerfull my fireballs are with how fast you can get attack speed vs cast speed and the bounce mechanic on flame reave makes it so im hitting a target atm like 10 times a second and and because flame reave has fireballs linked into it im doing crazy dps. in that screen shot the damage you see is all my fireballs casting off my flame reaves high aps… So in a way my build is really a spell caster build but it only can work the way it does because of flame reave talent and very high attack speed.

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How are you handling the mana drain from that? Even maxed Dancing Flames node on Flame Reave will have it cost 9 mana per use, which with the huge attack speed will empty you super quickly. Just using Focus after every pack or what?

I would imagine he uses mana strike to quickly refill mana.

Or have mana efficiency crafted everywhere and some nana regen

By “everywhere” you mean on every amulet you wear, I presume? And mana regen on every wand.

yup on allowed stuff

I see he use focus skill for mana regen too !

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