As far as I understand that trading in LE is not expected in the near future

It is difficult for me to read posts in English, but if I understood correctly, there will be no trading in the near future.
At the same time, there is a lot of noise about this.

I have a question, if a bazaar were introduced tomorrow, what would you trade?
I’m just wondering what the players have to offer the bazaar today?

There is no MP yet so noone has to offer anything :).

I mean a situation where players say that they will or will not play if there is no trading system.
But my question is, what can they offer the trading system, and what do they want from it?
Want to buy unique LP4 items ? Are you ready to sell your LP4 ?
What are the alternatives?
Sell for gold? Who needs gold?
For crafting resources? I don’t know about you, I’m after 5k runes or glyphs or whatever you need for crafting, I don’t pick up resources.
Buy bundles of crafting bases with T7 affixes (cause drop only)? For gold? At the price of 10kkk per piece? And who will sell cheaper?
You can sell 5-6 tabs of keys…

You can’t make everyone happy but there are some people working on ideas for a middleground to have a trade system that isn’t overshadowing the drops ingame. Most peole are dissapointed in the gifting system and I think most of the dissapointment was created by the way EHG handled the situation.

There are many different approaches to the trade topic from trade dungeons to caravans and vendor trash trading so noone can answer your question right now because A EHG need to tell what will happen and if something happens with gifting/trade. B there are many options floating arround in the community so I can’t answer it…

All I can say there is no MP and no trade right now so basicly all the discussions on the trade topic are just theories ^^.

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