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Artem & gambling

In the first town we meet Artem; who looks to be a “gambling” NPC. However the feature isnt implemented and i havent seen any info on the wiki (quick forum/google search) on how this will work

What is this mysterous gambling system ?!?!?!

Think devs have briefly mentioned it would work similarly to D2’s gambling system - you buy a base item from the gambler, and when you receive it, it can be a magic, rare, uniq, set or legendary version of that base.

again with the new lingo - nowhere is “legendary” rarity mentioned. As you can see very new; but have tried to educate myself through the wiki/videos. Was going to try and hold off fir another week to try and figure more out for myself

legendary items are not introduced in game yet but have been mentioned by devs from time to time. You can think of them as super rare and powerful uniques.


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