Arrow storm persisting after unspeccing

It is as the title says, the arrow storm node in the marksman tree for the rogue seems to stay active even after taking out all my points from it. I show this in this video. This is not a visual but and does still give you the attack speed from arrow storm.

exiting to character selection and going back into the game seems to fix it.

steps to recreate:

  • Allocate any amount of points into arrow storm.
  • Shoot a bow skill until arrow storm is triggered.
  • Go into town and unallocate arrow storm.
  • Go to an area where you can use skills and shoot a bow skill until arrow storm triggers.

Arrow storm does not seem to trigger right away after unallocating but instead takes a few shots of a bow skill until it goes off.

player log: (315.9 KB)

I suspect this might have to do with the recent change of not being able to use skills in town. There might be some weird interaction where the game doesn’t really realize you’ve unallocated some passives since skills are disabled and you can’t trigger them anyway?