Armor Shred/Penetration Build

Hi Guys.
Atm i try to make a Warpath Shred/Penetration Build. Is anyone here that have some experience in Shred/Penetration Builds? Im not sure if its worth to do it, cause when i go for some rifts my damage isnt better than befor(without shred)
… thats my idea of the build. Is it worth to try it or should i stop waste my time on the Shred/Penetration stats?

I tryed a bit and Armor Shred feels bad, so i go for Penetration :relaxed:

The only thing I’d say is that if you’re permanently Warpath-ing, the Void Knight’s echos won’t be much of a benefit (since Warpath has the movement tag & therefore can’t echo) unless you use something else with an instant tag such as Abyssal Echoes which can echo (assuming they fixed the bug).

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I won’t say that shred or pen is a specific build route. These are more secondary options for your builds you should/could take in addition to whatever you do.

Armor shred is really strong and will benefit any hit build. And penetration is like a direct “more” damage modifier. You don’t have to make a decision between these mechanics. Why not take both?

I feel Pen is an insta Stat, while shred needs to stack. The only mobs where you can stack is Bosses, so it worthloess in my opinion. I tryed to run with both, dont feel good

btw: when you play shred for bosses, you will lose the stacks when you have to dodge any spell from him, cause of the 4sec duration. so its …

I don’t know where you base your assumptions on. But saying armor shred us useless is just wrong.

Yes, armor shred needs to stack. as every other ailment. This doesn’t make it useless.

You can apply several stacks instantly with a single hit with enough investment. There are skills that give a bonus on that.

As we have no stack counter it is hard to say how many stacks you can put on an enemy in a certain amount if time. But I’d say about 20 stacks should be sustainable depending on your build.

This would be -2k armor on the enemy. Enemies can have negative armor. This might be around 30%-35% more damage.

Can you perhaps make a bit more clear in which situation you had to choose to either take pen or shred? Why don’t you take both mechanics? Are you talking about a specific skill or affixes? What was your shred chance?

It would be awesome if we could see icons of our debuffs under a Boss’s health bar and their stack number :slight_smile:

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I play Warpath how i say in the first post. I think Armor shred is only good for bosses, like the Bane of the Stricken in D3. The problem is the 4 sec duration. When you dodge abilitys, your stacks run out, and you have to start again, thats the difference btw shred and bane of the stricken. When you play against a RG and you die or have to dodge something, your stacks dont run out. But yeah, its not the same game so shit happens :smiley: . If i play range and can always shoot on the boss while dodge abilitys, it could be awesome, but as melee its terrible for me.

btw i had around 300%-400$ armor shred, but i stopped stacking more of it after i saw that Shred makes no difference in the Lagoon fight. hitting him in phase 1 didnt increase my damage.
Maybe i’m absolut wrong, then i apologize me

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