Armor Shred and how it work?

How much armour does level 50-100 opponents/bosses have, for example?
Does each stack have its own duration, or does each declared effect extend the duration and the number of stacks?
400% chance - is it 4 stacks hanging at a time?
collected + 400% armour shred and + 100% efficiency without it, did not notice the difference in damage

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Mobs don’t get armour, so any stacks of armour shred makes it go negative and they take more hit damage.

Each stack has its own duration, 400% = 4 stacks per hit = -400 armour (or -800 if you had 100% increased armour shred effect).

The amount of extra damage they take is the same numerical value as if they had that much armour (
Armor), so if you had applied 900 armour shred that would be ~22% more physical damage taken and ~16% more non-physical damage taken.


thanks, That is, physical resistance is a completely separate parameter and is reduced only by physical penetra?

Yup, and physical shred.

Armour shred is uncapped, resist shreds are capped. G (in-game game guide) is a good start.

Oh armour shred is uncapped, didnt know that. That is very interesting.

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