The arena is great end-game content, but I don’t think the way the waves are made makes it fun at the moment. The arena matches the vibe we experience as we progress through the game, so mobs are one-shoted and the boss one-shots you. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the arena shouldn’t have the same vibe. We should feel that it’s an endurance battle and that the difficulty increases gradually.

Right now, I feel like I have to instantly kill the mobs before they one-shot me. The simultaneous arrival of large numbers of mobs makes their attacks synchronized, and they can all too easily kill you without having time to figure out what’s going on. If different types of enemy were to appear in the same spawn, it might help to avoid being one-shot by a group of archer.
In addition, it would be interesting to introduce a survivability system, so that when we progress well enough in the waves, the character is rewarded with buffs or ways of altering the terrain to survive more easily in critical situations.

I love the game, thanks for considering the feedback that may inspire you to improve it even more :slight_smile:

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