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Hey new here been playing the demo for few hours now, playing the arena and around wave 50 client started to lag spike so I kept going got worse around wave 60. Even in this photo I died here and went to wave 65 until I had to exit and close I was hoping to keep going the arena is extremely easy right now also.


Link didnt show so edit it here

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the report and I’m sorry that you’ve been having problems trying to play the demo. We’ve been investigating a possible memory leak, and I think that might be what was causing the lag spikes you experienced. We’re super sorry about this and we’ll deploy a fix for it as soon as we can.

the pre-alpha is now on [] so far. and there is still some memory issue with the arena.

past wave 50 the sound of skill disapear. past wave 70 the game music become instable, spoping sometime.

around wave 90 i got some lag issue…

so i check my cpu/ram management window… and i get a little surprise. the game actualy take 11.5 Go of Ram.

so i’m pretty sur it’s a memory issue. so far i only encounter the problem in the arena. i try to get wave 100 twice, and it goes the same way twice as well.

i’m using windows 7 with 16 Go ram and nvidia gtx 1050 msi so the game should work more than fine…

This issue has been fixed in version, please give it a try and let us know how it goes!

I can second that, when you get past wave 50 it seems to clog up. It helps when you get transported to a new arena, but will soon be bad again.

And lag is the biggest killers of heroes :slight_smile: