Arena waves

I am a fairly new player as i am playing around 1 month now.

I have noticed that EACH time you go to arena you must start from wave 1.
While that is not bad for players who are struggling at wave 1-50 it is boring/time consuming for other players who usually die at wave 200, or players who die at wave 400, etc to each time start from wave 1.

As it is now the top players need to play over 7 hours to reach wave 1000.
Many of us don’t want to spend that time or even half that time even if we have the skills/chars to reach wave 300-500.

It would be nice if we could get an option when we reach each 100 waves to be able to save our arena wave position and have the ability to start from there each time or from previous saved arena marks.


I would also like to have a checkpoint system similar to Grim Dawn for Crucible.
But i think having checkpoints for each 100 waves makes it a little bit too ‘‘easy’’ for high ranked players. Yes, the difficulty increases every wave, but certain builds are all about DoT’s and Kiting playstyle so they have a defensive advantage over pure melee tank builds just by the playstyle being able to dodge everything. The longer you play, the more tired your body gets and you start to make mistakes. So i kinda like that you really have to earn a high wave by playing for a long time. Personally i could also not imagine to play 7-8 hours straight like boardman did for the high push, so i really admire his patience.
Maybe a 50, 100 max 200 wave checkpoint should be enough for strong high ranked characters to start right away in the arena with a challenge.

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Also don’t forget the reward system. If you have reached wave 800 and a new checkpoint, you can just easily start 800 again, do couple of waves, go out and get high level rewards ( once they buff arena rewards in the future :wink: ) That would make it unfair for casual players who don’t have the time playing 8hours straight, and also the high ranked players would easily have the best high tier items for the bazaar just after a couple of minutes.

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As it is now arena item rewards are very bad, so they can keep it that way.
Arena is more for xp gaining and to test how much you can handle the harder waves.
From what i have read they are planning to bring more modes in but till then these checkpoints will make arena much more interesting and rewarding.

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