Arena tests are too long

Hi dear reader,

Know that I do really enjoy this game that’s why i played already 300hours after a few months.
I pushed my character to the very end game content and I felt disappointed by some things, that why i give you my advice on the arena system.

I am not sure if arena will or wont have a total redo before getting to multiplayer.
I am talking about the ranked arena that is suppose to be the ultimate strength test of your character as it is the ladder system.
But right now, what is really annoying is the duration of a the test… Going to a lvl 400 waves is so so long! With 20s per waves it is a 100 minutes tests! Even if you have a super cleaner character and need 10s per waves it is still 50minutes for just for one basic strength test. Way too long, repeatitive and boring. And then you get OS because you are sleppy after 1 hour.
The second test is always too long as you have to do “only” 200 waves instead of 300 to get to your objective lvl of 400, with the arean key, so something between 40-80minutes.

I dont even understand how the ladder leaders have the patience to do 1000+ waves.

I suggest the arena key put you at your “maximum-50” or “last try -50” instead of 200 waves before. So the arena test will last something bearable like 10-20 minutes.

What do you think about it? Is it something discussed already?

I’d like them to implement the wave spawn pattern from the final ten waves of Arena of Champions across all of arena. It’s faster, more enjoyable, and would definitely speed up arena runs.


I tried it once, died on the 600++ wave, estimated the time spent and did not play the arena anymore.

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