Arena run bugging out after Wave 10 Instance-Change

Generally, you should include:
What went wrong?
Log File
Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable


I was playing arena, up to wave 10 everything was fine. I then chose new modifiers, and the game loaded me into another instance (Of arena i guess).

Thing is, i ended up in nowhere. Heres a screen how it looked

My player.log is around 60mb, even putting it in a rar archive didnt lower the size enough to upload it into this forum. So all i can give is the screenshot.

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The same issue has happened to me yesterday. I was on tier 3 arena when the 20 wave arena had the stash and merchant floating in mid air all 10 waves. Then where I was transitioning to the last 10 waves at arena 30 I was stuck in this foggy background area like the picture above. I had to log out to continue playing.

Can confirm this just happened to me. See first post