Arena Rewards

Hello there, i wanted to share a idea i had to make Arena more rewarding or a better place for ppl to stick with even for vet players.

Since alot of players that have multiple characters need to do specific quests on the Main Story to get the Idol Slots and Skill points to directly rush into Monoliths, one change we could have to make it more fun is:

First obtain a Arena Key that usually comes from Monolith (needing atleast one character to reach that point) Using the key and completing T1/T2/T3/T3 Rewards Idol slots and skill points needed to reach the ( 15/15 SP - 8/8 IS) and beating T4 Champion rewarding the +1 to all atributes from the Main Story. (Same system we have now, that if you miss some side quests you can do others and still get the progress for idols and skill points) Making this way a different option for ppl to do arena and dont do the main story 10 times or more with each character. Also it will be fun if Endless Arena starts similar to corrupted empowered monoliths giving loot and uniques and going higher waves makes the run harder with more modifiers but extra loot and xp so we can have an alternative to monoliths for endgame farming even some new uniques droping from special bosses on the arena to farm.

The second idea its to make a reputation system with the arena since we have a map made for that Champion’s Gate, we could get currency or points to use on a NPC to buy new or different uniques that only can be obtained on the arena or random exalted items to have a different way to farm or moving some blessings that are many in the monolith to the arena, or a place to farm gold/xp making it better than monoliths.

I think there are many ideas to make Arena better but those are the ones i wanted to share. I hope the Devs likes any of them or want to share any future changes to it, after doing the MSQ so many times i wanted a change doing something else to get the same stuff after my many characters.

I would rather the arena not be rewarding. Arena is too basic and dumb to need rewards. Monoliths and dungeons are setup for those rewards, that’s where people should be playing. There’s a reason people like arena nodes in monoliths, because it’s easy.

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Then instead atleast keeping that as a way to get the skill points and idol slots instead of doing the campaing all the time? that makes a different way to get them faster and meybe getting up to lvl 50 to keep testing builds on new toons.

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