Arena Loading Empty Map Issue

So to explain i was on wave 45 loading the new map for wave 45 to 50 and this happen

Empty map

It say i return to wave 1 and load an empty map

Am i exploring the real end of time ? where all is nothing ? is it lore friendly ? ok excuse me for bad joking i hope it would help to know that something like that can happen :grinning:


I Use a Portal to come out of the nothingness and then this happen

Empty end of time the real end of time

Now i can tell im exploring the real end of time :laughing:

Ah and the moment i arrive the gambler shop open automaticaly i think its not relevant but i write it down just to make sure

Gambler window

And finally something i cant take a creen of. My Esc key dont work i have to alt f4 the game to come out of this im still exploring the bug right now and editing the post when i discover something new but i cant do much excepting buying item from the gambler… I think its a scheme from the gambler to make me buy his thing ! :astonished:

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Could you upload your log files next time this happens? Pics are nice & all, but the log files would help the devs a bit more.

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Damn yes my bad i forgot about that !..

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