Arena keys for the casual player

I guess I am a bit more of a casual player than most at this stage. The arena key system is a bit rough. Only level 50 at the moment, so I might not have the full gist of it yet though.

It appears that you need to complete 5 maps or so before the keys will start dropping. Dying resets that timer as does logging out.

Generally speaking, I only have a few minutes to play at a time so I might only run 2 or 3 maps and then log off. I have resorted to leaving the game up so as not to lose my streak so I can still get keys.

I don’t think that there is something inherently wrong with the current system, but it feels like it penalizes me for playing the way that I am able to where keys would be super rare for me. I think I have died in maps twice so far, but other than that I only have gotten two keys. Both yesterday and because I left my game running for several hours until I was able to complete the 5 maps. I ended up getting two keys before things were a bit rippy for my character and I lost my streak.

It only takes 1 key to do an arena run! don’t get greedy you already got 2.

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I made a similar note in a post i made last week; I hope when character data is moved online monolith progression is made persistent through logouts.

currently the best solution is to just afk (if possible) and then return when time allows.

Also note that the monolith and arena are the only “end game” systems IN BETA; and there will be more options as the beta progresses and finally released

You can get keys easiely. You can even build a totaly not working build on a toon and be able to get a key. If anything the method to get keys is far to easy from my perspective. I can run through the level from start to finish with an ok build and crap gear while I only pres my rightclick attack. I don’t get it how anyone can have problems with this? If it takes 5 maps to get at least on key… good! That’s 20-25 minutes for on key on a slow toon with lame gear. If things are minmaxed and you play classes with faster teleport or dash skills it may even go faster.

apparently you are unable to grasp what he is saying maybe i can make it easier for your to grasp.
Some of us have lifes and we play games to reduce stress and or let off steam.
i for one dont have time to sit and play a game for hours on end. i prefer to clear maps instead of just running thru them like a dunce.
So the fact that these reset everytime i log off sucks. i never have time to complete more then one map at a time maybe two and then i have to go back to the real world." i know adulting sucks" but someone has to do it so this young completly useless generation can continue being totally useless.
thanks for your time

I don’t necessarily think the devs should cater to people who purposely play slowly and/or can only play for a few minutes at a time. Plenty of people who “have lifes” do 30min to 2h long sessions and get several arena keys in that time.

That said, I completely agree that monolith runs should persist across play sessions. Resetting on death makes total sense but logging out and taking a break shouldn’t kill the streak.

I’m also not sure why you thought this was necessary lol


My vote is to let monolith completions persist through leaving LE not just swapping characters

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Just being funny nothing serious involved trust me if it was serious i would have been a little more angry LoL

honestly thou i do agree it shouldn’t be easier but a persistance to the monolith for logging out would be welcome for sure. i just dont have the time to physically sit down and play for hours on end. between working the land, working my job, cleaning house, dealing with the old lady " which more times then not isnt the fun kinda dealing with her" if you know what i mean wink wink i just dont have the time to do it but i do love the game and have backed it from the onset of there kickstarter.

I was almost preparing to write an angry reply to your last post before I saw this. Sarcasm on the internet is hard to read :stuck_out_tongue:

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sorry about that i just have a problem with dictating sarcasm even in real life people always think i am sooo serious…

It doesn’t necessarily need to be easier to get keys, just more time efficient. If the plan is to keep monolith progression persistent that fixes the problem. With the current state of the monolith in general it feels punishing to short play sessions. More than just keys, the bonus XP and rarity that you stack up gets wiped as well. It just creates a scenario where someone playing for short blocks of time has reduced progression. I have no problem leaving the game connected so that is what I have been doing since I realized that was slowing down my progress, but that is kind of a lame solution if it stays that way at launch.

It is a bit exacerbated being my first end game toon as well. I am checking gear quite a bit and sorting inventory after each map. I am sure it will improve as I gear up and run maps quicker with less inventory sorting being necessary, but to get the ball rolling it could certainly use some improvement.

I am not saying that people with lives can’t play for long stretches of time. I totally can get a longer session in every once in a while. I am sitting on my keys so I can push arena when I have one of those blocks of time since it can apparently take a while with a strong build. However, I think it is a bit of a design flaw that I can play for 2 hours over the course of my day in 20 minute blocks when someone else can spend 2 hours in one block and get a more rewarding monolith going because of that. We are both putting in the same amount of time, so the flaw lies in the persistence. If the monolith is the main focus of end game progression at launch and it functions the same way losing persistence on log out there is a certain portion of the player base that will get turned off by that.

Only dropping keys at X maps run and resetting on death is all fine to be in place like it is now. Even if keys required more than 5 maps I don’t know if that would be terrible or not yet.

I get the point and I don’t play differently. I play from time to time as far as I have time for it. I clear maps and I have a lot of RL things to take care of myself. It’s always easy to find excuses but in the end you’ll simply take longer and have far more fun with the game if you can’t invest enough time to get things done in one day, like the “There is no content reeeee” crew. As I said I play a totaly wonky test build with crap gear and I can do the 5 missions in 20-25 minutes it’s not hard.
I totaly get it that there are some people who don’t have much time to play or grind and whatever. On the other hand there are a lot of games made for such people and you can’t blame a product that isn’t made for people who can only play 10 minutes 3 times a day. IF this is all the time you have just play something different you can stop everywhere you want to and call it a day. It’s a bit strange from my point of view to blame a game or genre that is known for hundrets of hours of grind untill everything is minmaxed because you don’t have time to play it. No offence mate and I get your point of view but the problem is not the game in this case from my point of view.

So basically what your saying is i shouldn’t play a game or ask for other ways to get to enjoy a game that i enjoy because my lifestyle isnt living in mom’s basement.
It doesn’t take much to make the stuff persistent. Instead of resetting after every time i log off. Kinda like every other ARPG on the market. I mean this is the only one that doesn’t have persistence. But that is because it’s not stored remotely. But that’s why we are recommending this function.
Thanks for your totally useless response thou.

What Arpg is presistent? PoE isn’t, Diablo isn’t to name only two. But I get it stay true to your oppinion no matter how flawed it is I can respect this. Maybe the devs will enlighten us what they plan on this topic right now I can only agree to disagree ;).

imagine if you always had to delve from level 1; then refarm 30k sulfate and back to level1; or every time you log out atlas progression is lost.

currently it doesnt feel good for bad players or players who either can not chain 5 runs due to gear or time restrictions.

this may be an issue as LE needs to take into account and decide on themselves. A lot of people (like all the ones who dont buy into early access) are bad and will quit very quickly if they feel like access to game mechanics is too far beyond them.

There is no such progression in LE like in PoEs Delve. This realy may be an issue for a small number of players but why should it change for real? Because a hand full of players thinks it’s to harsh? Come on! As I stated I get it, there is a problem for people with little time but there is not a big issue I can see so far. If even trollbuilds can make Monolith levels in no timeI don’t see an issue here.

I think you might not be realizing the amount of players that don’t have a solid block of time consistently to play, I doubt it is a handful and probably going to be a majority of players at launch. There are only a few people contributing in the thread here but it seems like more people support it being persistent than not. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually the case for players at launch as well.

Monolith isn’t the same system as Delve or even Greater Rifts from D3, but it is the endgame we have currently and it gets more rewarding the more time you spend on it. Delve and GRs both maintain your progress, the further you progress in them you can pick back up on your next play session right where you left of. LE wipes that progress at the moment.

The game mechanic isn’t “harsh” it just doesn’t scale properly. The scaling isn’t based on quality of the build or player skill as much as it is concurrent time investment. There is a reason that GRs and Delve save your last spot.

It dosen’t scale properly? isn’t it always on level? Every time I looked for it it was on my level. Every ARPG is more rewarding for people that can spend more time if both groups of people play on the same skillevel.
Again you get a key every 5 monolith levels… so what is the problem realy? The time comitment to play those 5 leves? The issue that the progress is reset, so if you have played 4 and you are forced to log out you have to play 5 levels again instead of one? Maybe i don’t get something but if I can’t play 30 min I don’t even start to play and 30 min for 5 monolith levels is enough time with (again) a total mess of a build and dumpster gear. I’m by far no good player and I take a loooong time to minmax builds and I play no cookiecutter stuff so I don’t get it. The only thing I wish for is effects that stack longer on the monolith ^^. If you simply want the progress saved at level 3 out 5 when you logout okay so be it lol. Don’t hurt anyone if it’s easy to code.

Scaling is in regards to time investment, not level since it always scales to the character level. The point with monolith is if I spend 2 hours a day playing but at 20 minutes at a time and you spend 2 hours in 1 shot, then you are able to progress further and faster because you have that block of time. The resetting punishes me for only being able to play for short windows and rewards you for having a solid block of time to play. In that scenario, we are investing the same amount of time, but the outcomes are different because of how long each of us was actually able to play in a single session.

Well it appears they know where they will get there most money. I mean i may not be able to invest hours to get the best min max gear ect. But i can spend money to enjoy what time i have available to me. I am not thinking that they are going to add in 50% exp boosts, or 50% rarity boosts. But you have to understand for a game to be successful in today’s world they need to have permanent income. And the best target for that is those people that don’t have a lot of time to play games. But we have alot of money. Lol