Arena Keys and/or Checkpoints

I wanted to bring up something I have talked to people about before. Arena keys/checkpoint system. EHG gave us gold keys which I think many people (myself included) think landed really well. I still find myself wanting something a bit more though. So I had 2 ideas.

  1. Not everyone has the 2+ hours to push from wave 80 to wave 300+ so it really kills a lot of content just because of the time constraint and doing wave 80-200 isnt fun if your build is capable of doing 300. SO the idea is that whenever you leave the arena willingly and open the chest, you get a key that is about the wave you completed, maybe rounded to 25. EXAMPLE: Monday i can play an hour and get to wave 80 COOL, leave and get the gold key. Tuesday I can play a bit longer and get to wave 210. Leave and claim the chest and get a wave 200 key. Thursday I can play some more and die at wave 260. OOPS now I cant leave to claim the chest so that’s my arena run. What I wouldn’t have been able to do at all during the week just turned into a full arena run split over 3 days.

  2. I prefer this one as it provides a goal for arena for those of us who don’t push for the top spot but more for fun. If my build can do wave 250, getting up to wave 125 is a snoozefest. What if you can unlock checkpoints which are calculated as half your max wave rounded down to the nearest 25. So if I push up to 250, my checkpoint is 125. I keep getting between 250-299 but cant quite hit that 300. I finally improve some gear and hit that 310. Now my checkpoint upgrades to wave 150. I feel like that would keep me playing in content that is fun and not a snoozefest that can I teach my cat how to hold down right click for 100 waves (JK please no ToS me)


The first one is reasonable for people who cannot push the waves that day.

The 2. This is where we go into the area that i do not find fun unless done correctly. The example given where 250 = 125 and 300 = 150 is reasonable.
500 you’d go down to 250 for those who really wanna push for the top of the ladder :slight_smile:

Top ladder pushers would still keep their endurance challenge and avoid fishing while other people would enjoy the content more.

Exactly, I think the 50% rounded down to nearest 25 is as much as I would give

MCMAGIC’ suggestion #2 gets Jorunar’ Seal of Approval.

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