Arena Keys after 0.8.2

I’ve only done about 15 echoes since the patch dropped but I haven’t gotten an arena key as of yet. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed no keys dropping or if they changed the rate?

They aren’t a guaranteed drop from the monolith reward chest anymore, but you can find them as a guaranteed reward from certain Echoes, as long as you don’t die. I’m not certain if Arena Keys can drop randomly from the reward chest or not.

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

Im glad I am not an “Arena player” but you will get a lot less keys now.

I came across a map that guaranteed a golden arena key, which was nice for a change. Hoping to see more rewards like that

I can confirm, that at least golden Keys drop as regular loot but I guess they are quite rare still.

Same here… I used to sell keys as a method of getting some extra gold as I dont play Arena at all - thats obviously no longer a possibility…

Feel sorry for Arena players tho… it may end up being a grind to get keys - not sure I understand why they changed this because I dont understand “locking” arena runs away like this… honestly never understood the need for keys in the first place… Why stop someone playing Arena mode?

I use Arena to level skills when I do some testing. This happens very often. Having less guaranteed arena keys will be a big problem for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! :cry:

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It would be nice if the reward gave more keys given it’s not guaranteed every 5th monolith anymore.

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I am having a problem with the keys right now too. I did around 50 echos so far. No key from reward chest dropped.
Also, I only found 3 echos nodes with key reward and did not get a key as a reward. That’s a bit too much rng, at least the echo reward should be 100 ´% +

After some more testing I have the feeling that this is a real problem.
One person is not a majority so I would like to have some other opinions, but it looks like we’ll really need more ways to find keys.

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They keys you get now are from the bonus reward ball thing. Not from the chest.

I ran 50 echoes on reign of dragons lvl 85 last night. I only found 4 key reward echoes and three of those were attached to the same echo around the 43rd echo I did. I’m not a arena runner but I did save 2 tabs worth before the patch just in case I wanted to do some. I will probably run some lvl 100’s today just to see if that makes a difference but I doubt it will. It seems as if I’m getting one key about every 10 echoes ran.

I am ashamed - I did not open that reward ball - it just happens now on accident and I got my first books - also, I was so stupid that i needed a lot of echos to figure out that i can click on the quest at the left side to open the quest echo.

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