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Arena is amazing! But Uniques are kinda boring at the moment.

Can’t believe I spent over 6 hours in a demo. (and still have 2 classes left to try). I guess the item drops will also scale with the arena progression? The drop rate of Uniques is okay, I found 4 so far but they are kinda … boring.

But hey it is still a demo, I hope to see more interesting and fun to use uniques in the future :slight_smile:

+90% fire Damage feels good man

I went to wave 160 before I stopped. I did not notice an item level progression as much or more rarities. During one round I found 3 uniques. All other rounds, zero. So I don’t know if they are related at this point in the development.


I was also mystified, spending lots of time doing the waves but I thought it was fun. I was hoping for some nice rewards to stay in there but ended up not satisfied. Early on it was great for rewards. Going higher then Wave 60, I didn’t see much return/reward in doing it. I have also farmed the boss. Way more drops on the higher difficulty but i’m not sure if its worth it. Quantity seemed to be better but drop quality virtually the same.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Arena. :slight_smile:

For the current stage of development, balance isn’t a huge priority for us - there’ll definitely be some areas which are more rewarding in terms of loot or XP than others. The Arena was actually originally intended to just be in the demo (like the other zones currently available).

Due to it being so popular, we are discussing the possibility of keeping it in the game permanently. One of the challenges of doing so is finding a balance where it is rewarding enough to feel fair, but at higher levels will not objectively be more rewarding than other endgame modes.

Please do! Wave formats can be a good way of creating additional build diversity, as certain skills and build paths can be much better in the longer fights than they are for farming dungeons or bosses.

One of my biggest grips with other games in the genre is that they don’t capitalize on using multiple end-game systems to encourage different play styles. They end up funneling players into a specific speed play style, that requires high mobility and large AOE skills for instance. That can be fun and exciting at times, but it always ends up making a ton of cool looking and interesting skills feel useless by the endgame.


I’m finding Arena Mode the best part of the game and this is only the pre-alpha. Spending hours perfecting builds, and testing out different variations of skill sets to see what works and how high I can progress. I would definitely like to see this in the final version of the game with added rewards depending on your kill streak and how far you progress. Say every 50 to 100 levels with no deaths you go against some harder version of the main games bosses with a guaranteed randomized class specific unique drop. This will give people incentive to keep farming arena for the one specific unique they need to maximize their builds potential. I defiantly feel there’s some real potential here. As of right now, just throw in some different maps to change the scenery, maybe some different music and a progression system and we have something solid.