Arena Density

I feel like Arena monoliths are really boring and lacking in enemy density, it feels similar to a map with low enemy density. All the mobs die and then you spend a lot of time just waiting for the next wave. I don’t mind the length but there are periods of time where nothing is happening, the fact that not a lot of items drop is also disappointing as I could have just done another monolith in that time. And even then I wouldn’t mind not a lot of items dropping if the Arena event itself was just 4x more engaging.

Just throw a bunch of enemies at me and make me feel uncomfortably swarmed. Thank you for all the hard work!

What I have noticed is that if there is an arena that has quite a big size and you just wait for the monsters to come at you it is not that the density sucks but the fact that there are some monsters that come at you from offscreen but very very slowly cause well thats their movement speed so you just have to find them and kill them to start the next wave.

Anyway my personal opinion is to remove the arena from the monolith completely and just let it be…in the arena. Not an important thing to do right now but it is silly to see you have a separate end game just to…not find it separate from the other endgame.

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