Arena and characters

Hi, after hammering on hc 90lvl / 75/73/60/65 with different classes, I can improve.

Arena - I did a few of these arenas my max is 300 because I did not want to continue doing it,
if you do “300” then you must next again from 1 fly it is tiring, you can add with every 100
levels start at 25. Every 50lvls you can add arenas with various bosses to be heavy and good reward, in Arena on Hc you should lose the character because that’s how you rush to the map grind the keys and sit in the arenas.
Primalist - Melee good, Another suck
Acolyte - Melee good, Another suck
Sentinel - good
Mage - broken all.
Sorry guys for me english, :smiley:

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