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Are zones too big?

First of all, let me say that I’m really enjoying this game and am excited to see all the changes that will happen between now and release. ARPGs are my weakness so it’s always nice to have another one to play. But…

Does anyone else feel that most of the zones we play through are just insanely way too big for what we’re meant to do in them? Most seem to have super low mob density so it feels like I am spending most of my time running through a big empty zone. Are we meant to explore every inch of these zones? Are there rewards for doing so? Am I alone in feeling like this?

Still, fun game to play. Can’t wait for more things to be added.

Hey @Masked_Baboon - the dev team definitely have our eyes on a number of zones and feel the same way at the moment. We’ll likely reduce the size of a few of them and/or increase mob density as that’s been a common suggestion. Thank you for the feedback

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For the campaign, I felt it was ok. End game is when it began feeling i was running for hours trying to find the boss. Some density would be greatly appreciated!

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Monolith of Fate need higher Dens too, imo.

In campaign overall it was ok for me. I think its not only a density problem here and there but a map problem too.
In the deserts for example u run in circles without a clue whats the right direction. So maybe improve Minimap is also a solution to find esier the right direction.

I must say that the filling location is not only based on the ratio of its size to the number of monsters. Dear developers, try to reward players for exploring large, complex locations: for example, clues with good loot, mini-bosses with a unique drop or even simple, local, but still interesting quests can be expected in the “dead-end” branches. Believe me, this will benefit the Last Epoch much more than just reducing the size of locations.

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