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Are you playing hc-ssf, ssf, or sc?

I’ve been playing around on a few toons on SC, now i kind of want to min max, I have a few questions first…

Whats the more popular game mode?
With trading coming, are people going to lean towards SC?
Is the ladder seperate/global chat?

  1. Most people play SC
  2. No idea what the future holds, but assuming trading will only work for non SSF so rule those two options out.
  3. Ladder is separated, but global chat is not.

thankyou, you are LE #1 board member :slight_smile:

Eh top 30 is a bit of a push, but as long as im ahead of @Llama8 everything’s is going to plan

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SSF all the way but that’s just a personal preference and you should probably play whatever you find the most engaging.

SSF SC. Enjoy the game and loot grind, hate trading with other people, don’t want the stress of HC. I like grouping, but not if I have to gimp my solo spec and since LE currently makes you choose, I’m going solo.

There is no current option for group play. However since I believe in there short preview in the multiplayer dev blog it showed drops as separate for each player, I would assume SSF players can still group play and everyone gets there own drops, you just cant trade. Seems plausible and doable, so you can still play YOUR way.

Sorry, think I wasn’t clear.

When I said SSF, I was thinking more when multiplayer becomes a thing.

Also talking more about the skills nodes that are available. Some are pretty group oriented and when I said gimp, I meant not wanting to have to pick group support nodes or specs in order to fit some meta group comp.

SSF HC Masochist mode or :point_right: :door:

My very first 2 characters are normal, when i started the game and didn’t had any preference.

Both of those i still play regularly, because the first char i made is still my favorite.

Just one quick thinkg. “SSF” is actually “Solo” in Last Epoch, which is even more strict than PoE’s SSF, sicne every single solo char has it’s own stash.

I usually play Solo, since it just makes loot more exciting, even crafting shards etc early on are exciting and you need to be very strategic with runes and glpyhs, which i absolutely like.

I have a few chars with very unusual builds or where i just wanted to test out very specific uniques, which i also created as normal only to test out certain stuff. But this is the exception and those chars i usully don’t play that long, only a short while unti l itested a certain interaction etc.

I do quite like HC in LE, even though in other games i was never a HC player, but this just may be due to the fact, that i am already a veteran LE player and i kinda can go half asleep throug hthe story content.

I might consider a few specific builds to play HC, once online mode hits.

Just so we’re on the same page here, all save files are currently offline and will not be transferred to the multiplayer environment when it arrives. This means that everyone will have to start fresh in this online-only version of the game.

Your offline saves will remain and be available in the offline-only version of the game.

Since I lost a level 9x Pala in D2 trough a DC I never touched HC again ^^. I’m happy with SC because I have no need for epeen modes anymore I’m to busy for stuff like that.

HC-Solo of course! Don’t want to miss out on the most fun cycle of them all… one character dies, another lives. :smiley:

Currently playing a Shaman using DPS Spriggan (Vale Orb Barrage), Thorn Totems, Storm Totem, Entangling Roots & Fury Leap

Really strong and defensive. Spriggan is the absolute highlight DPS-wise

HC SSF is my option of choice. I like the artificial timer each of my character has. seeing how far I can push a build before I mess up. great way to discipline myself into self improvement and keep variety in my gameplay