Are you looking for a Discord Voice Moderator?

Hello There EHG,

My name is LadyMedusa. I enjoy your game and have 1700+ hours in-game.
I speak both English and French fluently. I asked in the past if additional channels could be added. Possibly label with different languages. I was informed that there was a lack of moderators for Discord.
Please let me know if this is still the case.

Thank you

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I can vouch for how good she is!!!

As i am a newer member to this community. i feel like medusa would be a great candidate for this potential role. in my short time here medusa has displayed a calm mannered take on alot of (hot topics) being brought up into the discord chats. i feel as if she would not abuse any potential ability’s to moderate some of the non game related topics brought up in the discord voice chats. this being said i feel as if it would be a necessary role as the game grows. please and thank you Dev team.

I can vouch for how good she is!!! she is a bad ass person and would make for a great mod on the discord

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