Are we just not going to address the chat ban problem after the "MULTIPLAYER" patch ... ever?

I feel like I’m being reasonable at this point. Going on a month. Hop over to the customer service forums. People being banned for nothing related to whatever their chat system is.

Tickets go unanswered, the forum responses are non existent, this is what I would consider a game breaking bug considering I’m playing this game now for multiplayer interaction because of… the multiplayer patch. I can’t whisper to friends, I can’t interact in general, nothing.

What do we do at this stage? Do we just quit? I seriously want to know if this is an unfixable thing at this point or at least some semblance of a response to gauge what it’s going to take to fix it because as much as I like this game there is no point in continuing if something like this take a month+ to fix. I submitted a ticket, got a response within 30 minutes that I responded to, and since then it’s been radio silence for 1 week.

And if you don’t think this impacts you I can almost guarantee that I’m a rare instance of someone coming to forums - the interactions will increase in game once this addressed, I would guess, quite a bit. I am making an assumption here but my guess is a lot of people are chat banned and have either quit without visiting the forums and/or just gave up. Yes, I know it’s a beta, yes I know they are busy. It’s been a month. If I’m being unreasonable feel free to let me know - this is not people going into chat and stating inappropriate things - it’s an actual bug people just getting banned for no reason.

Help us, help everyone here - what do we do?

You are being unreasonable. Yes it’s a beta. In a beta you aren’t entitled to anything. You are expected to be patient and help report bugs, and that’s it. Fixes come in time, we have to be patient. There are a ton of new bugs with .9, but I’m not sure you are even discussing a bug. Your title suggests you were banned, which isn’t anything someone on the forums can help you with.

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I’ve had this issue and all I had to do was to restart the game whenever I can’t type in global chat or if I had high latency after I just logged in (red latency bars). It can be quite annoying, I know but at the moment, there really isn’t much we can do. And actually, we’ve had couple of fixes over the last 2 weeks now and they’re working on next batch of fixes. Hopefully they would address the other problems we’ve had reported here in forums.

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