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Are there any interactions between Hungering Souls and Wandering Spirits?

According to the patch notes, there is a new unique called Chronicle of the Damned, I wonder if there is a build using these two skills, any ideas?

There are several builds possible with various interactions.

My favorite is DeathSeal, specced into shooting out big hit Hungering Souls.
Wandering Spirits for necoritc shred and massive dmg in a small area.

You can get a lot of hits with Deathseal proccing hungering souls and spectral putrescence spirits. This works well for poison tho it can be tricky getting a decent amount of poison on hit chance.

Tho for my Poison Hungering Souls lich I ended up ditching the spirits to boost my hungering souls dmg and it worked out kinda better (If I could fit in 6 skills then spirits would be sooo much dmg).

This item looks more for necrotic DoT tho. Since Idt damned can be a main dmg type like poison (not many increased chance/effect/duration sources). I think its more of supplemental damage combined with Possess and Spirits.

Another wacky idea, you can get a lot of spirits with channelled wandering spirits maybe that + deathseal proc hungering souls would lead to insane damned stacks ? Standing still to channel spirits feels pretty bad tho and not many ways to boost damned.

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I got this item yesterday and tested with hungering souls and wandering spirits went with pure necrotic damage over time. My other skills are reaper form, transplant and rip blood. Just press two buttons in reaper form: one is transplant and the other one is wandering spirits. I wonder if the spirits can shoot hungering souls that would be fun af, these two skills are lack of interaction imo.