Are the three unplayable class specializations going to be ready in March?

I’m just wondering. It’s been a good while since I played but with the game coming out in less than two months I have to wonder why these three specializations (Rune Master (mage)), the rogue pet class and the necromancer specialization that is still untestable still aren’t playable in beta. I played non-stop for months a year and a half ago and was on the forums all the time and talking builds with people and I am really looking forward to playing those three specializations, hence my curiosity as to whether they will be ready at release.

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March is not the game “coming out”, it is only the next patch, 0.9.
The three new classes will be coming with 1.0.

So yes, they are supposed to be ready at release. But release is not in March.


Ahh Thank You Very Much lol. I misunderstood the message on Steam (where I get the game). I missed “mutiplayer” release and just saw “release” in March. I honestly Love this game even though I haven’t played in a while. I am just excited to see where this game goes. This game also has the least toxic community I have ever seen in a game. I had Nothing but help from the community here. I love it here lol. Thank you again.


welcome to kickstarters project :woozy_face:
2 years without new classes and strong reworking\adding new skills

Welcome to software development.

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While I understand the classes not coming until 1.0 be disappointing, the second half of your statement is actually objectively wrong.

They added and reworked tons of news skills over the last few patches.

Just to name a few examples:

  • 0.8.4 Dec '21 Upheaval + Umbral Blades + Druid Rework (Werebear + Spriggan Rework + New Swarmblade form)
  • 0.8.3 Sep '21 Multistrike + Javelin + Void Cleave
  • 0.8.2 May '21 Summon Storm Crow
  • 0.8.1 Feb '21 Warcry + Surge

This are just the new skills, they reworked (small and big) several more skills.

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