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Are the rewards for Grand Hunger of Dragons working?

I’ve already done about 30 rounds of Reign of Dragons and I’ve never gotten one. Is it a rarity issue?

never got one at all?
or the one you want?

you should receive the blessing after killing the boss, or if an npc pops up it is after you talk to them

do not teleport out until you get the blessing popup

Of course I’m waiting for the blessing to pop up.
I’ve had all the blessings except Grand Hunger of Dragons many times, but this is the only one I can’t get.

RNG is RNG, what you cna do to increase yoru chances is pushing the timeline to 50 or 200 corruption to get a 4th or 5th blessign choice respectively, if you already can handle that with your build.

Then it is luck

I have got things like this when trying to get a specific blessing before

He said grand, so at least 100 corruption.
Then if you try to do a probability calculation, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible not to get a particular blessing 30 times.
Or is there some special mechanism that I don’t know about? :thinking:

or perhaps he is trying to 100% and get each blessing once

this would increase the number of runs needed by a lot

ok, it’s a matter of luck. If it’s not a bug, then it’s not a problem. I didn’t get it today either, but I guess I’ll just have to keep doing the rounds. I’ll do my best. Thanks, everyone.