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Are spell caster minions best for bleed since affixes are limited?

First I just want to say that with the way scale minion damage in the game that minion DOT affix seems like a bait? on 2H sword you get a little more damage if you’re pure dot but with minion dam / phys dam you get the on hit damage and dot scaled at the same amount? My brain is hurting trying to figure out the minion damage items / system and I feel like there’s 1 thing i’m missing or they missed in the way it’s implemented?

Anyways the real question I need answered. Should I just go spell casters for my minion bleed build? I’m looking at the affixes for items and you can put minion phys and minion spell damage on weapons as affixes ( I answered my own question since bleed doesn’t scale off of spell damage )…

Well I guess I just don’t understand why they decided not to let us put a combination of these - minion dam / minion phys / minion DOT on the same weapons or catalysts. You can have minion phys / minion spell on the same item right?

Really enjoying the game but i’m at a point where I really need to start putting the build together more than it is and make my loot filter. The loot filter is really what made me see the issue with minion bleed items. My build is melting monolith monsters / bosses so maybe i’m just being too needy but it would make life a little easier.