Are skill specializations working now?

I am playing a Beastmaster now and have two Skill points. There are no descriptions for each upgrade so I don’t know if they are working or not. I put them in the Wolf skill and I can’t tell any difference. I put them in Thorn Totem’s Rapid Torrent and I can’t tell any difference. lol

There’s no damage numbers showing either.

Specializing in a skill will allow you to spend skill points in its skill tree. Each of the nodes on the skill tree should have a description of what it does when you hover over them. Your first skill point comes when you specialize in the skill, while the rest are earned by gaining experience while you have the skill specialized.

Damage numbers not showing is a known bug that only affects a limited number of users.

You are not going to believe this but none of the skill or passive gives any description. The box is completely Black/Blank. Not only that, when I talk to any of the NPC, the dialog is black/blank as well. Is this just on my end?

wait, there’s more. When I opened my Character sheet, I can’t see my Level and any of the description that’s in the black box. Why is that?

I don’t want to create another thread but I also notice that every time I Despecialize a skill, my skill point goes back to 1 Point. I am supposed to have at least 3 points by level 7. Is this a bug?

I’ve responded to your other thread and our team will be happy to troubleshoot this with you.

This is intentional; despecializing currently resets your points back to 1. Your skill will earn XP until you reach the cap of 20 points. We may adjust despecializing in a future patch.

I restarted the game and now I can see Texts but something weird happened. My Bear summon was Level 3 and now it’s level 2.

How do I gain Skill point? Just by using the skills or I only get one Skill point when I level up?? If that’s the case, then I am missing out on some skill points because I’ve been Despecializing (since I couldn’t see skill descriptions at all).

For the sake of testing, can we not have this restriction? LOL

By the way, I was playing Wolcen alpha too and this game is better IMO!

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So, the skills you specialize into earn XP as your character does - as well as a chunk of XP when your character levels up. The cap on the number of points per skill is 20.

That cap won’t change, but we might make despecializing more forgiving in the future.

I just got Summon Spriggan. It doesn’t do anything. It just stands there. Is this a bug?

Can we have a “Confirm” button before skill points are spent for real? Sometimes I just want to spend to see the next tier skills and plan out a bit.

That would indeed be a bug. Thanks for the report; I’ve passed it on.

Would you be able to show us a screenshot of your Summon Spriggan skill tree?


You shouldn’t need to spend a point to mouse-over the other nodes on a tree.

I haven’t invested anything in Spriggan because I invested in Bear and Thorn Totem.
I wanted to test Spriggan before I Specialize it.

I almost gave up Thorn Totem until I reached Spirit thorn. LOL What a game changing skill.

Another bug I have found is that the Summon Vale Orb. It still persists when I took the skill out. You can see the graphic of the Orb following you but it doesn’t always attack. It’s buggy.

For an Alpha, I am actually having a lot of fun!!!

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Thanks for letting us know!

Passed that on.

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