Are shadows important for end game for melee bladedancers?

I am currently using a Bleed and Poison DoT melee bladedancer with flurry, acid flask, smoke bomb, shift, and decoy. I try to use shadows with smoke bomb and the only skill that can be used by shadows will be acid flask.

I just wonder if shadows are big helps as so far I am okay without it.

And how do shadows disappear? Do they disappear after some time, or after performing an action?


You don’t have to utilize them, but it does depend on the skill and build.
For a lot of skills its just some usefull extra stuff.

There are many different ways how to utilize shadow, some skills get mimicked by them, there are some “On Shadow Creation” effects as well (For example Ward or Health).
There are also some abilities that consume active shadows on use to give the skill otehr benefits.

Shadows do disappear after mimicking one ability or after 5 seconds.
Also when you create a new shadow, while you have maximum amount of shadows, the one closest to expire will disappear as well.

Thanks! I took a look at it before and my gut feeling is that it doesn’t seem to go particularly well with DoT…

If you’re using a skill that they cancast then you can use them to give extra stacks.