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Ardent Gladiator pack

Hello folks,

i bought LE on Steam and linked it with my LE-Account so it has auto-login when i start the game out of the Steam-client.

I can play the game perfectly fine.


From what we know Steam users would be granted an Ardent Gladiator pack pack but in my case it seems i have no supporter pack at all.

Do i have a pack or does it only has some issues displaying the forum badges?

Or maybe there some kind of delay till users get their packs?

Hey there!

Steam users are indeed purchasing the $35 Ardent Gladiator supporter pack.

We’re looking into a few bugs which we’ll get corrected as quickly as possible.

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i bought the game from steam yesterday and didn’t get anything from Ardent Gladiator bundle. I wonder if I get the bundle in the beta or on lunch day.

The Supporter pack should be granted immediately after linked with the Last Epoch account.
That would mean a time span of one day at most.

But currently they have massive problems it seems.

This is my customer support response from March 2nd.


This is a known bug we are currently investigating.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,

I will give them one more week and try again.

Also today I bought the game on Steam, but I have no access to this game. I’m disappointed now, because I wanted to test the game full of expectations. Now I’m very scared that I bought it for free

I want to know LOTTE2525 status update about the Steam purchase. I also want to buy this from Steam. Or should I buy this directly from here? Hmmm…

I bought it on Thursday on steam and I don’t have the cosmetic or forum badge as of yet. Just came here to see if other steam users were having this problem, seems they are.

I’m going to lock this thread as it’s turning into multiple discussions about different issues - at least one of which we’re not going to be able to talk about over a public forum.

To clarify;

  • We are aware of some Steam users not having in-game pet MTX and are working on it.
  • We are aware that no Steam users have their forum badges yet and are working on it.
  • Steam users should be able to register a Last Epoch account through Steam after making their purchase, and from there log into the game without any problems.

@Lotte2525 If you haven’t already, could you please e-mail about this? It would help if you could provide as much information as possible. For example: did you register and link a new Last Epoch account or one which existed previously. Is there anything unusual about your Steam account, such as using Steam Family Sharing?

The more information we have, the more quickly we’ll be able to assist you with this.

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Hi everyone,

I’m very sorry for the delay as we worked on resolving both this and other issues.

We have been testing a solution, and if all goes well we will be deploying it later today.

Our solution will address the following issues;

  • Steam users not having access to their Juvenile Skullen in-game pet MTX.
  • Steam users not having access to their ‘Ardent Gladiator’ forum badge.
  • Steam users not having been properly assigned their 350 Cosmetic Coins.

A few caveats for the sake of transparency;

  • A very small number of users with atypical names may need to contact us to have their forum supporter badges assigned by a member of staff manually. This will affect less than 1% of users, and will be caused by their names having properties which are difficult to account for. Examples include their account name having spaces or being particularly long. We will be providing an update on when it would be prudent to do this.
  • Cosmetic Coins are not yet accessible in-game, nor have we yet implemented an MTX store. I’m just mentioning CCs to reassure you that they haven’t been overlooked.