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Arcing Blast Marksman Build (Rogue) Detonating Arrow 260+ Waves


Here is my next Last Epoch build guide! Featuring the Arcing Blast Marksman build for the Rogue class.This build makes use of Decoy, Dark Quiver and Detonating Arrow to obliterate your enemies!! Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of the build.





Cinder Strike
Detonating Arrow
Dark Quiver


Crit Avoidance
Bow Damage
Crit Multi


Loot Filter

Copy to clipboard and past in game

Gear Planner


Huge mobility, Kite heavy. Rely heavily on decoy and the 2 charges for Survivability. Really fun!

Edit: take increases to explosion area instead of cone explosion

Hello, I liked the guide but I noticed you didnt cap resists in gear planner. Is that intended? Would apreciate if you could give an opinion on this version of gear planner:

He’s only off lightning & cold by 3%, and he’s taking Siege Quiver for resists (though apparently that’s bugged at the moment) & elemental resists are fairly easy to get with idols.

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It still works just snap shots

Provided loot filter won’t show bows and quivers. You have to fine tune it to exclude these types from hiding,

Hi Rimed

I m playing detonating arrow as well and loving it fast and fun and i m trying to tune it .
Have you tried to play with the unique bow - 4 bow mana cost ? it helps to replace cinder by smoke and allows passive points relocation and stuff.
Why havent you take Bow critical chance in the rogue path and bow damage in the marksman?

I did take the crit in marks. and the crit in the rogue tree i didn’t find necessary and points are better used elsewhere