Archmage question

Is archmage necromancer build viable for high corruption?
I wanted to try Archmage frost build but i wonder if it can push over 600 corruption in a budget (1-2lp max)

Frostclaw Nova is viable but frostbite builds are high maintenance. You’ll need many rare uniques. So for a viable budget setup, I’d look elsewhere.

Okay so a lil more info would have been helpful but I did a bit of a dive with the build you’re talking about,.

Not even the right base class for what they are talking about.

Question: What is it about corruption 600 that is your sticking point? I tend to consider corruption 300 about what I usually aim for and don’t see much benefit beyond other than bragging rights. Oh I suppose there is a leaderboard thing somewhere but I haven’t looked into that due to lack of interest. Is that it?

-The build seems viable to me. You’ll need to complete Temporal Sanctum on tier IV though to have a decent chance of Julra’s gloves and Julra (end boss) is easy or EFF ME depending on the build type dealing with her.

-Also consider that this is a build that utilizes multiple pieces of gear that give a bunch of ward as trade for missing health which has been pin-pointed and decried a LOT, especially for non-mage types. It is highly likely (just my opinion) that these gear options could be approaching the chopping block. You’re PROBABLY safe until the next cycle/season.

-I guess that is all my input because I have never aimed or found a reason a to aim for over 400 corruption.

Sry didnt realize there are two archmage builds im talking about the necromancer

I saw “archmage build” and I assumed it was google translate for runemaster or something. My bad.

As for cold archmage necro, it depends what you mean budget. For 600, you’ll need that ward (Exsang, experimental glove affix).