Arcane Ascendence while moving

I had the idea of making Arcane Ascendence more viable for lategame by implementing a node that allows movement while it’s active. Currently I find non-movement channelling abilities like channelled Lightning Blast lackluster for endgame, because even with the added damage/protections they tend to get me killed by ranged/aoe attacks or ground effects in the arena.

The idea of casting Lightning Blast through Focus while Arcane Ascendence is active is interesting, but takes away even more freedom of movement, because now it’s necessary to also toggle the skill in addition to stop channelling to start moving again. This is why I think following node could be interesting:

[Could be connected to “Acuity” or as a seperate node]
4/4 - adds the ability to move at 25% the normal movementspeed while active, but adds 25% of the original mana drain when moving (per point)

This would add the ability to move at a cost of mana and skillpoints.

What do you think?

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I think this is a good idea primarily because my son was asking me if there was a node on the Arcane Ascendance skill tree that allowed him to move while the buff was up.

The more we play with Arcane Ascendance, though, the more we realize that it plays really well with channeled skills.

If you need extra mobility for Arcane Ascendance try this build out:

Lightning Blast - your spec (play around with it). Either as a ward generator, buff (via Closed Circuit), DPS (via focal blast), trash clearer, etc. Whatever you want.
Elemental Nova - Go Ice Nova for ward generation (bugged ATM - doesn’t work as indicated, already being reviewed by a dev) OR go Lightning Nova (shock stacks)
Teleport - Ward generator + Elemental Dawn, Dusk, and Midnight + buff.
Focus - Use the nodes that generate lightning waves (novas - but not Elemental Nova novas)
Arcane Ascendance - grab the lightning blast producer, 5/5 on the skill that gives 5% spell damage a second and DO NOT GRAB Acuity.

on your skill tree grab Rapid casting 5/5 and get cooldown reduction where possible.

You are now Raiden :slight_smile:

I do like the node idea, +1 for that. For non-movement channels, particularly Lightning Blast, I’ve found Teleport to be the solution there. You end up getting enough cooldown reduction to get its cd to ~3s and that generally is enough time to duck and weave through enemies. Generally channeled skills do have higher attack rates than manually casted skills (~5 per second seems to be the norm), so the lack of movement is the downside to that higher DPS.

In the case of Arcane Ascendance, I view it closer to a buff with the nodes that make it last only x amount of casts, so it makes more sense to allow movement from those than anywhere else on the tree.

Also a separate note, have you tried the new Liath’s Signet unique? Seems like it’s really nice for adding to channeling defenses.

Teleport elemental nova while ascended :stuck_out_tongue:

When i played it I really thought about a node (or even a unique) who reduce teleport cooldown, it could result to a sick gameplay. but at this actual state, not so much in my opinion

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