Arcane Ascendence causing MASSIVE desync

I have been testing this for a while this morning. Assigning the Acuity node on Arcane Ascendence (the one that turns it into a “4” spell buff instead of a mana drain effect) causes massive desync in the NEXT echo after using it multiple times in the previous echo. The effect isn’t very big in the first echo after using it, but in the 3rd echo it is like 10 seconds of delay. Possibly related is the fact that it allows you to use 5 spells instead of 4. I find that using it a lot in my first echo and completing it, then going to the next, using it a bunch and completing it, then going into the next very reliably reproduces the bug. This bug doesn’t occur in the campaign and in fact sort of cleanses the bug in the same way that using “leave game” cleanses it. I don’t know if empowered echoes make a difference but that is what I was using to test it.

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