Arcane Ascendance as a defensive resource

This is probably well known but in case it isn’t:

FYI if you take the acuity node and then max out the rebuff node you get a 300 ward burst on a 2 second cooldown (and around 1.3 seconds with cosmic insight node). I found this incredibly useful for mid game leveling. It basically lets you facetank campaign bosses and anything in early monolith as well. Seemed like an odd way to use the skill but worked well for me.

I used Arcane Ascendence in a similar way, mostly for easy access to Haste via Power Sprint.
Haste is something that is not easily accessable to a lot of classes.

On most boss fights you always have windows of a few seconds where you can stay safe in one spot, when you then activate AA and it last for 1-2 seconds you gain Haste for 2-4 seconds, which then will help greatly evading telegraphs without the need of using a movement ability.

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That’s awesome, I’ve also been using this Arcane Ascendance setup for a bit and just posted a build guide with it :slight_smile: It’s a great defensive boost!

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