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Arborus's 500+ Corruption Meta Poison Lich Monolith Farmer

YT Build Guide : Arborus's 500+ Corruption Meta Poison Lich Monolith Farmer | Last Epoch Build Guide | Epoch Builds - YouTube

Build Planner : Lich, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Loot Filter : Poison Lich Filter -

Written Guide

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, in today’s video topic, we will be going over Arborous’s 500+ corruption Poison Lich Monolith Farmer. This can be viewed as Poison Lich Monolith Farmer V2 , as it is all intents and purposes, a complete upgrade.

Before we move on with the video, I would like to promote my Twitch stream, here at as I have been streaming a lot more often, and its an easy way to get advice for builds, or hang out with the wonderful community we’ve been building here.

So the concept of the build is to use Wandering Spirit’s node, Spectral Putrescence. It allows us to apply our poison chance in an area, while also not hindering our single target. Wandering Spirits will be revealed around you, and start shooting nearby enemies with a poison bolt, that scales off your damage and also applies your ailment chance as well, making items like Plague Bearer an amazing upgrade for this build.

We then use Spirit Plague to boost our Wandering Spirits damage. Spirit Plague has 2 nodes in it that are the most important for us, Pestilence and Endless Decay, which will actually be the only source of increased damage modifiers we need for this build. These two nodes stack per cast and spread on enemies, so we can ramp up to large amounts of increased damage with little effort, opening up slots on gearing for other affixes.

Reaper Form is our main defensive layer, as having an extra life on any build helps significantly in higher tier content. It gives us access to the skill Reap, which is an fantastic movement ability, and when paired with Transplant, it allows us to fly through monolith echoes with ease. It also provides us with a lot of free global poison chance, from the node Herald of Rot.

Death Seal being our secondary defensive layer, providing us with a lot of more damage which scales our percentage damage from Spirit Plague through the roof, global poison chance from Pustulent Presence , and an extra way to stack poisons with Mortal Pulse casting death waves. One cool tech this build takes versus other builds of this style is Entreat The Damned , which when Death Seal is activated, it adds on to Wandering Spirit’s duration, which will increase the amount of spirits on the same screen, providing with larger amounts of clear and single target.

Transplant gives us a lot of utility and single target potential, as the explosions from Reign of Blood, Depravity and Black Mirror will all apply our poison chance, allowing us to stack insane amounts of poison on the target. Violent Emergence gives us a 20% cull against bosses, making killing shades of orobyss or monolith bosses a joke.

For notable nodes we take on the passive tree, Decaying Form is definitevely one of the most important ones, as getting as much global poison chance is important, as it scales all of our damage sources immensly. The increased poison damage taken is not really an issue, as we have so much leech, most dot’s do not affect us.

Another notable one, Soul Maw, gives us all the sustain we would ever want, as global leech is insanely strong with poison stacking, making Lich very unique as its one of the only classes you can leech from your damage over time affects.

Lasting Stench is very strong single target damage, as the longer our poisons last, the more damage they will deal on tanky targets like Shade of Orobyss or Monolith Echo Bosses.

For gearing, the most important piece of the set is The Plague Bearerer’s Staff, as 220% global poison chance is one of the highest amounts of poison chance you can getfrom one item in the game, and because our leech is so strong, the downside of draining your current health total is not too much of a problem here.

Another unique that is wonderful for the build is the Wings of Argentus. There is only one line of text on this item that matters, taking 40% less damage while moving. Since most of our damage comes from Wandering Spirits which we do not need to stop for, most of the time we are moving, which makes us much tankier for those really hard corruption levels. Having haste on hit also gives us free movement speed, which makes moving through echoes a breeze.

Siphon of Anguish is a new unique ring, that is only dropped from the Shade of Orobyss, and it allows you to apply the Doom ailment on hit. This ailment normally does not do much damage, but thanks to Death Seal and Spirit Plague boosting your generic damage over time, it allows Doom to do at least 25% of your overall single target dps, an insane upgrade for endgame.

In the build, Arborous does have a lot of his resistances capped through blessings, but you can sub out amounts of HP and endurance for resistance until you are finished farming for these blessings.

For gearing, you want to focus on
⦁ Capping Resistances
⦁ Poison Chance
⦁ Increased and Hybrid HP
⦁ Movement Speed
⦁ Crit Avoidance
⦁ Cooldown Recovery Speed

Idols you want to be focusing on are 2 ornate idols with Damage While Transformed and cooldown recovery speed with transplant, as the more times you transplant in a boss fight, the more poison stacks you can apply. Then fill out the rest of your idols with as much global poison chance as you can get.

Thank you so much for Arborus for letting me showcase the build, and thank you to all the viewers who watch my videos and give me all the love and support in the world, this has been Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Hey Dread, thanks for sharing the build, What would you say are the main differences in this version vs. Poison DoT Lich in the past? The reason I ask is I’ve been thinking of rolling a Lich to try out 0.8.2 and I’ve played this build a bunch of times in the past.

The biggest difference, is the past one is a lot more budget friendly, as you can sustain reaper form with AoD, and dont need to worry about leeching for Reaper, while Arborus’s version is what regular poison lich would turn into after a lot of investment and time!

Thanks for the quick reply! Gonna try this out in SSF mode.

How would you level this? New to the game and a bit overwhelmed…

Wandering Spirits and Spirit Plague can help you through the whole campaign and to the first monolith timeline. Then you’ll be able to transition to this build

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Hello! Thanks for your answer! Wandering spirits indeed carryed me, I pretty much followed this build from the start and did just fine and now lvl 72!

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Is the loot filter accurate? Seems to be highlighting some random stuff.

Thanks for the nice guide tho, much appreciated!

Hey there,

This is a very fun build and I’m having a blast.

I’m curious on what the point in Simulacrum in Transplant is meant to do? It didn’t seem to do anything useful so I respeced the one point into Sadism for the additionl 5% dps, but this could also go into another point of Bone Armor if defence is needed.

I’m interested in your reasoning, or if I’m missing something.

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