Approahing 1000 hours play, my feedback

I would first like to say thank you to the dev team, the work you have done so far is great, Last Epoch is the game I am playing the most atm.
That said the following are things I would like changed/improved.

Gambling man: oh boy, the frustration, his voice lines are not that bad however, I have come to hate every single one due to my frustration with the gambling system (if I know I am in for a long session with the gambling man I mute the sound).

Suggestion 1: Have all the base type of items available (given lvl requirements) but add the cost of the number of refreshes needed to get to the item to the cost.
This would save time as this is what I am doing when gambling.

Suggestion 2: Have a system to exclude certain affixs on the item gambled for a cost that scales based on the number of affixs excluded.
The amount of times I have rolled a gold ring with throw affix (yuck!), yes there is the potential to exclude all prefixs and sufixs you don’t want but then you might pay 10M gold to do it and get a common item.

Suggestion 3: Stuff a sock in the gambling man’s mouth!

End game:
I feel there needs to have more incentives to progress a character beyond 60/70 lvl most of my characters are at this point, as this is when I get bored as the build has shown me what it can do and there is very little to be gained/improved by grinding end game.
Overall monolith feels like a random mess you slog through especially going up to 30 echos.

Suggestion 1: Cap stone passive nodes, as an example have 3 nodes accessable half way up a passive tree that only 1 point can go into and excludes the other 2 choices and then have another 3 available at 90-100 lvl same deal but very powerful as a carrot to get to said lvl.

Suggestion 2: More variety in echoes types available in the monolith of fate, have a echo type that has a chance to appear in a monolith run that is in fact a series that you complete in one go, as an example a siege scenario with a day 1, day 4, day 6 and day 10 completing day 1 opens a rift to day 4 etc with choices to be made in scenario and a mini boss at end and suitable reward.

Suggestion 3: unique/specific/different mutators for echos, example being the continual wraith spam in the wraith dunes in the story.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


I feel the same. But not sure if I think your suggestions works. But I think definitely good to have the devs look at this. I dont feel the desire to minmax and it does feel like a real grind to attempt to minmax any build. And I’m usually a minmaxer.

I think it might be because the appropriate challenges for a minmaxed character isnt really there yet?


Game definatly needs more carrots (rewards/powers/things to chase) in the end game, only question is what form this will take.


Yeah, and this is something they will need to figure out before they can go live with multiplayer.

This is something the devs should really look into if they want to compete with the big ARPGs out there. It’d be interesting to dig into the things that make people to keep playing even after they min-maxed a character. Challenges are definitely a thing. Also ways to get wealth, items to chase, trade…

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I have the same problem. Sometimes for the same reason, sometimes because my build does not work and can’t push higher. In the latter case, I always struggle to find how to respec. And if I find a nice build, I don’t have a character high enough.
I have very few heroes higher than 70. Two Liches, two Necros, one Void Knight, I think that’s all. All others are under 70, which means probably around 15 heroes. Sometimes I come back to a hero and have fun with them, but not for long: usually less than an hour. I need more incentive to progress.


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