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Apophis and Majasa Quest +1 To All Attributes

My character stat screen still shows I have only 1 dexterity and 1 intelligence. I also only have 4 bonus dodge from dexterity which means it’s not only displaying the attributes wrong but I didn’t actually get the attributes. Each point of dex is 4 dodge and since I only have 4 dodge I only have 1 dex.

Hmm… not sure exactly what you are trying to describe here…

To clarify… before completion of Majasa, you had X attribute and now after completing the quests correctly(defeating boss, speaking to whomever you need to) you still only have X.

Not the expected X+1?

Is this correct?

Also are you sure on what your stats were before?
What class are you? They have different base stats so you could test this by removing all sources of attributes and then comparing the base to what you have.
Did the game not increase any stats or only some of them?

Yes I am well past the quest completion. I’m level 78 doing level 80 echoes. It didn’t give me the stats as displayed in this screenshot as well as my character only having +4 dodge from 1 single point of dex (i have +50 dodge from the Shaman passive Wind Bringer) Here is an updated 2nd image with all my equipment off. I have 34 attunement from Primalist/Shaman passives, not sure what the other 2 are from, and I have 2 strength from a Beastmaster passive. So I also only have 1 Vitality, idk if it’s increasing my Attune and Strength but it’s likely not since no others are.

did you check this as i suggested by removing sources of attributes and comparing the base attributes for your class with what your char sheet says without boosts?

shaman base attributes are:
Base str / dex / int / vit / att 2 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 1

so unless you have another source of dex, you should only have 1 after defeating majasa…

Ya that’s it I didn’t know Shaman starts with 0 of some attributes and couldn’t check since I can’t just remove the +1 all attributes quest reward. Thanks.

this kind of info can be found on:


Cool thanks I bookmarked both.