Apogee of Frozen Light & Druid?

I’m not 1000% positive that this is a bug but I am pretty sure it is. Apogee of Frozen Light says it gives +3 to Cold & Necrotic Minion Skills but doesn’t seem to work with Druid skills.

If you take Frost Bites in Swarmblade, that adds the Cold tag to it in addition to it already having the Minion tag, but the sword does not give you the +3.

Likewise, if your Summon Spriggan has Branches of Winter so that it also has the Cold & Minion tags, it also does not get the +3 points.

This is maybe an intentional divide between scaling tags and minion tags but would be infuriating if that were the case.


I can confirm. Spriggan Form is also affected even though it has both minion and cold scaling tags with the “ice branch” node.

I was able to get the +3 levels to work with thorn totem but am currently unable to get the stacks of frozen vengeance to work.

Can confirm, the +skill levels don’t work with Swarmblade and Summon Spriggan.

This is not supposed to work like that since Spriggan Form and Swarmblade Form are not minion skills themselves, they have minion skills in them. I can see why people would think this would work since they have minions on the scaling tags. I’m gonna see what we can do for clarifying how these interactions are supposed or not supposed to work.


Thank you for the reply. Is Summon Spriggan supposed to work though as it is a “native” minion skill? Or is there a difference between companion and minion in this regard? Currently it does not receive the extra points…

Summon Spriggan is an actual minion skill so it should work.


I thought it might be this kind of splitting hairs thing, which I get, but it also severely lowers the usefulness of the item, and it’s not like Primalist is exactly bursting with power. So I get it but I am also annoyed.

But yeah, as Dankrafft and Azerov confirmed, it also does not seem to be applying to Summon Spriggan as it should.

Why is horned staff implicit +1 minion skill working for Spriggan form ?

Is the bug there ?
Edit: Work with Swarmblade Form too

Im just here to beg, pleeeeease make it work.

In general i should be able to get frozen vengeance stacks if i kill my locusts with swarm strike right?

Lots of annoying bugs atm but you guys already know that and i still love you.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ good luck!

I can confirm, +3 does NOT work on Summon Spriggan after you make it cold.

Confirmed - apogee of frozen light DOES NOT grant summon spriggan +3 skills when gets a cold tag.

It does, however, work with storm crows, thorn totem, and storm totem when they all get the cold tag.

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