AoE Attack Indicators not Appearing

I noticed this issue last night while playing. During a “Destroy ‘x’ Spire” echo in empowered monoliths, the indicator where the attack from the spire will land does not appear in areas with uneven terrain. For example, if I stand on flat ground, the indicator shows appropriately. However, if I stand in a divot, or “pot-hole’” or on a slope, no indicator appears on the map. This also seems to occur with other AoE attacks such as those from the Siege Golemn or Lightmage. When I noticed this specifically it was during an echo in the Black Sun monolith. I will attempt to recreate the issue and upload a picture if able in case my description is not clear enough. If I am missing any pertinent information please let me know.

System information is as follows:
Windows 10
Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
Intel HD Graphics 620
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

Game Settings are all on the lowest possible for each
Master Quality - very low
vsync off
max fps 60
background fps 30
shadow, reflection, ambient - very low
grass density off
volumetric lighting, terrain quality, screen space reflection - very low

Pics of the offending locations would be good. I spotted a few in Shrouded Plateau yesterday.

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That is the map I originally noticed it on but couldn’t remember the name. Here is a picture with the type of area that I am talking about outlined. This wasn’t an echo requiring me to destroy a spire, but regardless there would not really be anything different to see because the indicators do not appear if the spire projectiles are landing in these low-spots.

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