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Anyone Playing S22?

Gotta say 4th Cube slot + Pylon clones is a lot of fun.

Hadn’t touched D3 in a while and figured I’d jump in for the new season since it kind of aligned with the Holiday week and I’d have a few extra hours to chill in front of the PC with lockdown Thanksgiving and all.

Didn’t look into current meta at all. Just picked a Necro as it was least played until now. Gotta say this OP Bone Spear build + Pylons is really making the old D3 grind kind of fun for the moment.

If anyone if playing this season and wants to jump into a game and witness my mediocrity please feel free to add me Orien#1505. As I said, I haven’t jumped back into D3 for quite some time so I’ve been mainly solo grinding as the clan I was in is not active anymore.

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