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Anyone made an A or S tier build for bleed w/Corsair set for Blade Dancer?

I’ve been monkeying around with it but it’s just not quite hitting that juicyness level with the damage.

Been playing with Salt the Wound - Unique Solarum Bracers - Gloves - Last Epoch Item Database
Corsair set Corsair's Blood Cowl - Set Blood Cowl - Helmet - Last Epoch Item Database Corsair's Blood Cowl - Set Blood Cowl - Helmet - Last Epoch Item Database
Undisputed Undisputed - Unique Dragonbone Axe - One-Handed Axe - Last Epoch Item Database
Tried sticking with the theme with Flurry and Lethal Mirage. It’s… Close ish? Dummy bleed DPS is only about 130k. Uses Shift, Flurry, LM, Smoke Bomb and Decoy (Decoy just because there’s nothing else really great to use).

I attempted to use the build planner but my blade dancer is the only one it won’t load my gear on >_<.

Anyway, has anybody made something actually strong? Mine is “meh.”

EDIT: Tomorrow, gonna try “popping” bleeds with puncture, see if that works…

Also messing around with this kind of build on a level 95 BD.

Not sure that its viable with too many uniques tho… I think this is one of those builds where you end up spending hours evaluating the pros and cons of each item and adjusting passives/skill points over and over…

Not entirely sure that Undisputed is a good choice as a weapon… I am getting much better results using a Nagasa Scymitar with similar bleed affixes and others. Attack speed 110%+ without needing a high tier attack speed affix.

I dont have the Bracers but I am also messing around with Thorn Slinger belt as it adds 1 to every Physical skill - which is pretty good even without the additional bleed & movement speed… Again… its hard to gauge how much this helps…

I am also testing out Valdyr’s Chalice for the bleed and health leech on bleed…

Defence wise the interaction with the Set bonus, Apostacy Passive & Shrouds means that I can get 100% GB, average 77-82% Block chance (with ~40% effectiveness)…

For me this is one of those builds that just needs a clever interaction somewhere to get from “meh” to f… yeah… The trick is to find it… :wink:

I theorycrafted this one:

  • 108% attack speed. +605% Phys Dot damage (over 470 bleed dmg).
  • Tons of leech.
  • Frailty + Slow adds to defense.
  • Shroud of Dusk/Dusk Shroud stacking to raise Glancing Blow+Block Chance
  • Shift heals, restores mana + adds armor from Shurikens. Also, Shift before Lethal Mirage for the dmg+bleed bonus from Shift.

Deadly combo:

  • Flurry to stack bleeds
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Shift into enemy (Shurikens shred Phys resist)
  • Lethal Mirage (Sundering Blows)


Did you have a chance to try this out (beyond Tcrafting?)


  • I am trying similar setups and but didnt go the frailty/shred route as much as you have…

  • I am going from 52 to 82% Block chance without Smoke Bomb - I am assuming you are getting to the 100+ with that interaction?

  • Never checked this myself… but does GB / Block count as receiving a hit - i.e. your stacks of Perfection drop off?

  • Shroud of Dusk vs Perfection… I see you have 8 points in it… which would assume you are expecting to get hit to stack Dusk… vs using those points elsewhere…

  • I suppose with the really hit attack speed Perfection stacks are easily reapplied to the point where you dont really need Exuberance passive…

  • Would be very interesting to see how the shred approach works vs going the bleed route more directly… i.e. how much does Armour Shred impact Bleed?

Shroud of Dusk - 8/8 is just for the extra health.

Armor Shred: I don’t think Armor Shred affects bleed. I moved those 5 points to Scarlet Stream (bleed + phys dmg). (updated previous build link, rather than spam another)

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This set won’t convert GB from Apostasy because it would be double-conversion which LE doesn’t support atm.

KissingAiur replied to my question about that set :

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Bummer. I’ll have to re-think a bit.

The Corsair Apostasy one is really odd…

Here are my findings…

  • With no shield, no set bonus & no Apostasy, GB = 31% (from passives) and Blck chance = 2%
  • With a normal rolled bandit shield, no set, no Apostasy, GB = 31% and block chance ~20%
  • With Corsair Shield, set bonus & no Apostasy, GB = 0%, block chance = 52%
  • With Corsaid Shield, set bonus & Apostasy, GB = 81%, block = 52%
  • If I then whack the dummy with Flurry, I stack Perfection, Crimson & Dusk Shroud & Adrenalin Rush… bringing my max GB = 141%, block chance up to the 80%+ range (sometimes ticking into the 90%)…

So to me it looks like Corsair set is not converting ALL the GB to Block chance… It looks like Apostasy is still converting the temporary dodge that I am getting from the stacks of Shroud etc into GB, but then there is the 81% without any stacks…

I think there is something odd here… maybe its a snapshotting issue?

intrigued… gonna test this on a blank bd and see exactly what stats I am getting…

Well, updated my build a tiny bit. only 50% block chance base, but it does now stack block and GB so both go up in combat.

Here’s what I have mocked up in game from loose items in stash (some of it got repurposed for my bleed paladin).

With flurry, can reach dot stacks of 130-140k if I re-initialize channeled flurry after building stacks of Adrenaline Rush and Undisputed stacks. Like previously posted, can get great block chance (90%) + more than 60% GB in a smoke cloud.

I know it’s too many uniques, just didn’t have anything on hand to do better with… I left out the thorn belt. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Considering moving out of the mana regen on flurry to get more damage and bleed out of Flurry, taking Puncture (removing Decoy) to provide bleed pops/mana/phys pen.

Lethal Mirage is basically an oh **** button for brief invulnerability, heal to full, clear trash.

2nd EDIT: Mocked up w/ideal gear (didn’t do idols). Bladedancer, Level 84 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

I re-purposed an old (failed) build, and am on Majasa area now, and I don’t like the slowness of its clear. It’s fine on bosses, just slower on the rest.

It’s not the best but it’s not bad for clear; I run through the mono, drop a smoke bomb for shadows, wait 2 seconds and hit lethal mirage on the big group. Then I continue through the mono lol.

I’m working my way to try the puncture bleed pop on some 90 mono bosses. If it looks promising I’ll start taking it into empowered.

EDIT: Non-empowered Orobobo and Gaspar got used as pop dummies… It’s pretty good, better than waiting out all the bleeds but Puncture doesn’t add the “oomph” like Abyssal Echoes does to bleeds on sentinel bleed builds. Lethal Mirage definitely needs smoke bomb + shift before use to clear the trash packs now, sometimes leaves 1-3 stragglers if they’re spread out enough. Build still needs work. Including current character setup; tried losing Salt the Wound for endurance gloves w/attack speed/DoT/Health and Endurance but lost a LOT of DPS despite having minimal crit multiplier (254%/54% added, so only 39% bleed effect), not sure what’s happening there.

Well, solved the damage and clear problems by losing Lethal Mirage for Synchronized Strike, pretty easy to push over 200-315k ticks on the dummy by rotating through puncture and flurry. Now it just needs REALLY good gear and blessings to be less squishy… But… It’s always going to be squishy, just not enough room for tank stats while supporting this damage. :frowning:


Here is a reply from EHG support re the interaction that the Set has with Apostasy… Basically what we are experiencing is intended and the sacrifice in damage for survivability is by design… So we should be able to min max this kind of build without fear that a bug is likely to be fixed in the future… :wink:

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