Anyone interested in speedrunning the story?

I’ve just completed my first speedrun of the story with a solo character as a total speedrunning novice and I’ve realised I have absolutely no frame of reference to tell me if my time is good or bad! Does anyone else speedrun the story and if so could you let me know what sort of times you’re getting? I did it in 3:03:53 from hitting ‘create character’ to killing Lagon. I made a load of mistakes and easily cost myself 10-15 minutes just from being dumb, with scope to improve the time further with more practice, better routing and good luck so I would like to get a feel for whether it’s worth working on or whether there are people breezing through in like an hour or so that will just laugh at my time…

I used one of Boardman21’s Acolyte builds (I love your builds!) and my completely arbitrary rules allowed me to use a pre-created loot filter to make things a bit easier while I’m practicing. Obviously for a serious run there would need to be rules agreed but I’ve never been involved in that process so don’t really know how they’re decided ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There is a page with a couple of runs from a few years ago that are completely out of date and the rest of the page is a total ghost town so it would be cool to try and get a bit of activity going on there again. I also don’t really know how to go about getting things updated over there so any help or guidance would be appreciated!

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Tried it casually, mastery unlock at lvl 18, Lagon down at lvl 43 with a “Spellblade” (not so many skills). Guess lvl doesn’t matter much since you lvl up tremendously underleveled and if you fnd good spots to lvl up, you might go faster. 3hrs done with story is kind of a “yeah doable”.

E: Yes, I’d be interested in fast times,

i have never really understood the speedrunner mindset. it’s just not how i enjoy games, not to throw shade on those who do.

i do find it enjoyable to find ways to efficiently run the story and complete all the quests without backtracking, but i never feel any rush to get it done. i don’t think i’ve ever taken a character from creation to endgame in less than 2 game sessions, typically on 2 different days. different strokes for different folks i guess.

I was lvl 44 when Lagon went down and that was with constantly moving forwards, only stopping to level up literally once for about two minutes which with hindsight I don’t think I needed to do.

My gut tells me that even with my relatively low skill level I could get it down to 2 hours 30 mins without too much work and then with actual optimisation and practice it would come down even further. I just re-ran my first two splits which took me up to killing the Husk Of Pannion and I got the time down from ~32 mins to ~25 just from a few simple routing changes that only sacrificed 1 lvl and that can easily be made up later if needed.

That’s totally fair, everyone has different tastes :slight_smile:

The problems with speedrunning in a game that changes every 2 months is that record keeping of times becomes really tough. That is why a game like PoE revolves more around races then speed running. very similar but still different. I was doing it several patches ago and got live splits set up for it. I had one for each class posted in one of the large streamers discords but no clue if its still there or not

Yeah, I get that it might not be ideal to track times given the campaign is gonna change over time but I still think there is some fun to be had in running whatever the current state of the campaign is :slight_smile:

I did another run in 2:48:55 but it still had a bunch of dumb deaths in it so plenty of scope to bring it down a whole bunch.

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wow congrats :slight_smile: which class mastery?

gonna join the speedrunning club as well very soon just want to play every mastery first XD 3 more to go.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is with a lich using wandering spirits, bone curse, spirit plague, transplant and drain life. Gonna stream another run later today to try and get it quicker.

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I’d be interested to see how people speedrun LE, what quests do they do, what do they avoid, etc.

ah nice yeah wandering spirtis are for sure op for speedrunning. transplant is a must or any kind of fast movement skill.
I’ll try a minion version as first i think.
sounds good whats your stream link! gonna drop a hello :slight_smile:

yeah me too. passive point quests and story quest i guess and run as fast as you can :slight_smile:

Just went live at Twitch

Never did speedruns ever. But I’d guess that Acolyte / Lich is a very fast runner. You can have 2 movement skills with transplant and reap (reaper form). Maybe you can also utilize soul feast as it has a chance to proc haste (no idea if it’s of use).

Also spirit plague is perfect for this kind of play. It has very good damage and can spread enormously. Cast speed is good. So you can spam it while running past everthing and you will have killed a lot of enemies without needing to stop or care.

By the way: Would it be allowed to use preperation gear or would this be a SSF challenge?

Also Hardcore / Masochist runs sound challenging :sunglasses:

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Was never really lookin into arpg speedruns because i always thought its too much based around rng how good you perform at the end. I mean finding 2 Arboreal Circuit and Mourningfrost in SSF is pretty much gg, isnt it? Sure you can have different categories like Raw mentioned to make it more interesting, but i guess SSF until killing the last boss is the main thing like they do in PoE (Kitava Runs).
Ive been watching Speedruns from old games i used to play like Zelda Ocarina of Time, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario N64 where they beat the game in like 10 min which is what i spent my entire childhood with…thats some crazy shit what they do there. And what even impresses me the most is how to find out those ridiculous glitches.
So yeah, different tastes i guess… but i’m always open for new stuff so lets see what you got danny :smiley:

Gambled on changing the passives I take and lost so that run was a bust but I’m gonna have another go either tomorrow or Thursday. Did get a gold split though so I’m definitely getting better.

In the time I’ve just got back for this evening I’ll do a very quick write up of the build and route in case anyone wants to have a go or has any suggestions on how to improve it.

Actually as I’m finding out much to my dismay this run has a big skill element to it. From about half way through you are extremely fragile so even your movements and teleports have to be done in a way that you don’t get surrounded by mobs and immediately killed!

By the way: Would it be allowed to use preperation gear or would this be a SSF challenge?

My completely arbitrary rules are SSF but pre-prepared loot filter is allowed. Timing starts when you hit ‘create character’ and ends when Lagon dies.

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I’ve stayed up way past my bed time starting a guide for this run. There is a bunch more that can go into it but I’ll have to do it later this week!

I’ve also now been made a mod of the page and am sprucing it up ready to have some new runs posted!

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