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Anyone have a curse build based on Sinathia's and Maruma's?

Tried a few things without much success. Just curious if anyone else has made this work effectively. Seems very promising but I can’t get my damage anywhere close to other builds. Thanks for input in advance!

I did not really try yet but I thought a bit around it. It sounds like it has no spot yet. I say “yet” because Warlock will be about curses and maybe she can use this.

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Since you have tagged this thread I assume you already tried lich?

Without giving you a fleshed out build I would throw in some thoughts to give you inspiration:

  • Always try to utilize all mastery passive trees, regardless of your chosen mastery.
  • Harvest has both minion and curse support. In conjunction with bone curse you could try a Minion +self hit build
  • Marrow shards has a sacrifice minion node to boost it’s damage significantly. This can utilize the crazy skeleton self-rezz capabilities. Since marrow shards doesn’t cost mana you could combine that with Volatile Zombies’ Awakening Presence, to also occasionally summon those as well
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Thanks both. Heavy I did try some of that but will continue to work with it. It could also be in preperation of warlock like Shtrak said too. If I come up with interesting will lyk. Thanks both

While Warlock will definitely have more curse support, the set really is nothing particularly interesting for warlock specifically i think.

Yes more different curses obviously mean more optiosn to utilize the build, but both Bone Curse and Spirit Plague are already super versatile and strong in conjunction with minions.


I made a build using those items, which seems to be working great. In terms of damage, it mostly uses minions, but also uses Bone Curse to add some single target damage.

I can’t give you a planner yet, because it’s not up to date yet, but long story short, I’m using Skeletal Mages that use Sacrifice on Skeleton Warriors. In the Skeletons’ skill tree, you can grab the mana and ward on skeleton death, which respectively allow you to sustain mana and gain insane amounts of ward, as well as the 40% chance to resummon on death, which jumps to nearly 60% with Sinathia’s shield.

On top of that, I’m using Volatile Zombies, which I don’t cast directly, but have a 30% chance (if I remember correctly) to spawn on minion death thanks to their skill tree. Since I’m summoning skeletons 3 by 3 (thanks to their skill tree too), it means that for every action of me, I’m summoning 3 skeletons, which each have 60% chance to be resummoned, and 30% chance to spawn a Volatile Zombie for an extra hit.

As total, it’s a very high number of hits per second, which means we proc Bone Curse very often. I grab all the damage nodes in Bone Curse, and convert it to necrotic since I found it easier to scale necrotic damage (and, also, I think necrotic damage is cool, and I love how Bone Curse looks as necrotic). I also converted the Zombies to necrotic, which makes the Cursed Blood node very strong for me, the zombies, and the Mages, whose Sacrifice’s base damage is physical.

There’s a lot of small things here and there, but the last important thing is: 1x4 idols with “Cultist’s” prefix, “+1-2 necrotic damage to spells per Skeletal Mage”, are insanely strong for us. Since we have 5 mages, that’s 10 flat necrotic damage per idol. I would make a planner with a passive tree and whatnot, leaving out the Zombies, but my pasta is almost ready, so I’ll edit my message with that a bit later. :stuck_out_tongue:

The route I chose here focused on minions, using a single curse to apply additional damage. One reason for that is, as @Shtrak said, that there isn’t much stuff for curses yet, but if you still want to try a version focusing on curses with minions as a secondary aspect, you could try having skeletons as a frontline while dealing damage yourself. Bone curse + Spirit plague, maybe with the bleed nodes in both skills, and using Rip Blood to hit lots of times and proc the effects? While using Skeletons for extra hits + tanking, and having them resummon 60% of the time if they die. That could make up for the lack of minion health / health regen in the passive tree, which would focus on damage for you (Lich, probably?).

Cheers <3

Edit: I slapped this planner together quickly while my pasta was cooking (it’s probably overcooked by now though). It’s missing the Volatile Zombie tree, which I’ll add a bit later, and I’ll explain some nodes or mechanics or whatever if someone is interested. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Here is a screenshot of the skill tree of Volatile Zombie that I’ve been using. It’s specialized, but not bound to my skill bar; it’s only triggered when a minion dies, and I use a un-specialized Transplant for mobility.

For idols, this is the setup that I have. It allows me to have two “+2 necrotic spell damage per skeletal mage” idols (the 1x4 ones), one “+2 to skeleton/skeletal mage crit chance” idol (the 3x1 one), and the rest is just life and ward retention in prefixes, and shared crit chance or resistances in suffixes.


Very nice! TY @Vatinas

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