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Anyone find a good way to use Wandering Spirits yet?

Miss this skill.

Apparently: Wandering Spirits is doing work for me now - #7 by Think0028

I tried it, it’s meh. :frowning:

You sure? It’s gangbusters for me.

Just seems very slow, very dependent on death seal uptime, the WS feel clunky. Maybe I’m playing it wrong, but spirit plague casts very slowly and takes a long time to kill packs in ~130 corruption. Using the WS seems pretty RNG (gotta hug their face, channel and hope).

I think it would be better to show any working WS build in empowered monoliths and decent corruption with a simple video ?

I’m a bit surprised too, tried a little bit the thing one more time, it’s always the same issues in end-game.

I’m not exactly set up for that and haven’t played that far, I’m not very good at the game! If you say it falls apart then I’ll believe you.

Poop, was hoping I was doing something wrong. WS is one of my favorite spells in the game damnit lol. They were fun before the “rework” AKA the nerf-murder. I know they’re trying to balance the game but they pretty much deleted this spell.

I think deleted is still a bit strong of a word choice, this is the build I’ve easily done the best with ever - I’ve never even reached empowered monos before! But again, if it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work for you.

Well, I meant in terms of end-game play. Everything works just-about until empowered monos. To my way of thinking, if a skill isn’t good enough to use at end-game in even one build, it might as well not be there (or rather, it needs reworking/fixing). It wasn’t even on the level of other balanced skills, but it offered some QoL. The true offender was Spirit Plague and it’s DoT increase node (which was also nerfed), but even WITH that node in 8.2 form there’s way faster ways to kill bosses and clear monoliths (i.e. hammer procced smite and VK omnividence, paladin lance builds, mage flame reave and shatter strike and static orb and LB and nova and…) you get the idea.

Again, not every build works until empowered monos for me! But that’s my experience and that’s your experience.

Not what i meant, sorry, it’s just that from my POV, the skill will suffer the same issues than before. But i didn’t gear up my Lich a lot, so i can’t really know for sure. I just do not see how she’s going to stand her ground while channeling in end-game scenarios, where she currently suffers without channeling.

Even with 50+endu+shield and the standard HP+resists package, i don’t see her surviving.

That’s why i was asking for video content, to see yours in action and compare to my general feeling, don’t worry if you can’t, it’s ok, i know what it is.

Imo the skill’s gonna get buffed again, maybe even 100% reworked. I really do not enjoy the cooldown nerf+spirits disappear after the skills duration ends, both together are too much imo, and while the channeling solution alllow us to get rid of the cooldown, the spirit’s duration problem remains the same. Getting rid of the “better autocast it” problem with wandering spirits was a good intention from EHG, i’m not sure the current iteration is a very interesting one tho.

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Low life poison build still hits like a truck if you have the needed uniques and the ward gain from the skill alone is more then I thought. Still i think it’s best to cast them at the cursor location and don’t use the channeling node because beeing rooted by channeling hurts a lot and kills you if you don’t watch out all the time.

To me wandering spirits looks like a supplementary skill rather then a skill to build arround.

I’m sill a bit confused. I must stop to channel the skill, and its effects stop very quickly. Unsure I will use it anymore.

If you make it a channeled skill you need to channel it to work. If you use it without the channel it has a duration.

Sure, but the channelled version seems to be the better one. As far as I’ve noticed

Depends… if you look at the damage channeled is better if you look at the survival aspects channeld is meh.

I tested WS and the most intresting part it offers right now is poison stacking and necro shred everything else seems lackluster compared to other skill options.

I did not take much time for testing, I’ll have to do it. Thanks for the info!

NP but as soon as you enter empowered monos things go south but untill then everything is awesome channeled or not.

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