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Anyone figured out a good melee acolyte?

I realize this is not really meta, due to having a huge army of pets to tank for you. I did notice that the aura of decay is somewhat limited range, and you have some skills that synergize with physical damage.

I was playing around with hungering souls as a “when hit”, to see if I could get some synergy in being hit alot. I am currently using a weapon/shield.

I tried to use a two hander, but got ripped apart doing that at higher lvl. Also seems like you need quite a bit of resistance.

I’m sure it’ll help once you can specialize in the other skills that you currently can’t. The blood golem does help alot with survival in general though. You got a corpse teleport to get out of danger as well.

Originally I went for all the damage nodes, but that ended up being suicidal without a form of survival lol. Got to about lvl 50 on lich testing this all out. Anyone else had any luck?

I am sure there will eventually be melee options. Hopefully sooner than later. There is after all that unique scythe, Bone Harvester, which is just asking for synergies with a melee skill specialized in amplifying necrotic damage.

Yea there’s plenty of melee perks that you can get from acolyte, but sadly I’m not sure what the damage base is for necrotic damage. Like if str amplifies it, or int (which is probably more likely). Thus a necrotic melee attack would be odd, because your melee dmg comes from str.

If you look at the sentinel/void knight attacks, they scale off both physical and void damage. Mind you some of the void skills are spells, but the straight up melee have essentially double dipping damage types. That’s exactly what we need on necro.

I would love to see some kind of “undead” inspired way to melee in battle. After all a lich is typically a mage who seals their soul in a jar, so they can achieve immortality. Their body is undead, and they will resurrect anytime their body is slain because their soul is housed in some kind of phylactery. At least that’s the typical fantasy classification of it :smiley:

The toxic aura, and the spectral bolts on hit already work pretty well for a melee. I would love to have the option to be the tank for my pets, instead of just the other way around :smiley:

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