Any way to transfer items from SC to HC?

I recently learned that there are two separate stashes in your account, one for hardcore and one for softcore. Does this mean that there is essentially no way to trade items between the two? Also what happens to your stashed items when an HC char dies? Does it stay in the HC vault or does it go to SC automatically?

Being able to transfer items or characters from one to another league would make them more wooly. It would invalidate a lot of what a given game mode stands for.

Yes, if its a non-solo character the next HC character will be able to access the same stash, than previous hardcore characters.

If your character was solo the stash is gone forever

Yeah the logic of this makes sense. I guess I was thinking that checking solo and HC was the way to go if you were going for the ultimate iron man/masochist challenge. It still is I suppose, but it’s not that much of an added challenge compared to regular HC in that case. In fact, no matter what, the first HC game anyone starts will effectively be a “self found” game.

I was hoping to twink the hell out of my first HC game just to ease into it lol. But now my plans are shattered.

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