Any viable many totems build around

Just curious if there is a build around using many totems at once.

many totems as in different types of totems (thorns, storm) or many of the same (multiple thorn totems) at once?

Many of different totems.

Hi, inspired by PoE (obviously xD) I’m trying to reproduce a build with Thorn Totem.
I’m not a expert builder, this would be my first build so please don’t be too mean!
It’s just an idea, I didn’t select any kind of elemental damage for totems (lightning, ice, poison and so on) because I don’t know the numbers in this game well.
Also I just add Fury Leap as a “movement” spell and maybe it can work as a “defensive” spell.

I have not entered gear (unique or set) because I started playing Last Epoch a few days ago.
Any suggestion?

Bye :smile:

P.s. As you can see there are still 10 passives points left, which perhaps could be put into a specific type of elemental damage or…where would you put them?

P.p.s. I just dropped unique chest “Doublet of Onos Tull” and for leveling is great!

try that one here
Shaman Totem Master | Build Guide | 0.8.4

Tbh Shaman is not best build to start with, if you never played. May would think about it as second character build.

I would go for Druid and play him as Spriggan. You can setup 9 totems within 1 second that shoot thorns arround while they also taunt enemies. Its a pretty nice build that actually need zero gear. You can complete take armor with resistances and health for the start and may put some minion damage on your 2h axe. This build easly pushes you to the 80s. :slight_smile:

This would be the monolith build:

This would be the “pre spriggan” build low level: