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Any time frame on more to the classes and rogue

I really enjoy the game and just wondering when we see more passives to our current skills wich dont have any, and maybe skill trees that are missing to certain classes. And im hyped for the rogue / hunter aswell.
I would like to see the rogue and maybe you should rollback the Acolyte instead and rework the hole minion thing. In my opinion Acolyte is just not ready to roll at all need alot rework to be functional.
This is not intended to try rush you I just cant w8 to see more good stuff in the game :slight_smile:
In a time where good games is a rare factor I stick to a few wich are promissing (this one) :slight_smile:
And just want more hehe :slight_smile: But things take time I know.

Glad you’re enjoying the game!

We have been adding trees to skills that don’t have them in every major patch and will continue to do so, and changes to passives are planned. We aren’t planning to release more classes soon, and are instead focusing on improving the classes we have implemented already. Because we’re still early in development, we have to balance having an interesting amount of content with having more work to do in re-balancing and overhauls as the game progresses (such as the need to improve minions, for example).

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Ok sounds good :slight_smile:

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